Action games main mechanics revolve around one or more of the following:
  • Accuracy
  • Movement
  • Quick Decisions
  • Reflexes
  • Timing
This genre is only to be used for games that don't fit in the other action-based basic genres such as Racing/Driving, Role-Playing (RPG) and Sports.
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Snow-Bowling Browser Front Cover

Browser (2001)

It's not clear whether the player is gigantic or the pond and its denizens are minuscule, but regardless the game...

Arcade (1994)

Snow Bros. 2 With New Elves is a 2D arcade single-screen platform game, a continuation of Snow Bros. The game...

Snow Bros Hop iPad Front Cover

iPhone (2015), Android (2015) and iPad (2015)

Snow Bros. Nick & Tom Game Boy Front Cover

Game Boy (1991), Genesis (1993), Amiga (2006), NES (1991), iPhone (2012), Android (2012), iPad (2012) and Arcade (1990)

Nick and Tom are two Princes living the dream with two beautiful princesses. When suddenly the evil King Scorch freezes...

Snow Bros Runner iPad Front Cover

iPhone (2018), Android (2014) and iPad (2018)

SnowCraft iPhone Front Cover

Browser (1998) and iPhone (2011)

In SnowCraft two groups of boys throw snowballs at each other and try to knock out the other group. The...

Windows 3.x (2000)

In SnowDays, you are a kid playing a friendly game of snowball. The neighborhood kids will be trying to pelt...

Snow Day: The GapKids Quest Macintosh Front Cover

Windows (2000) and Macintosh (2000)

This game chronicles the activities that children clad in GapKids(TM) engage in when school is called off early due to...

Snow Drift Browser Front Cover

Browser (2007)

The player must take control of a yeti and guide him through twenty side-scrolling platform levels that take place in...

Snow Fortress Windows Front Cover
SnowJinks iPad Front Cover

iPhone (2012), Android (2013) and iPad (2012)

Snowman from Russia Windows Front Cover

Windows (2017)

Commodore 64 (1984), ZX Spectrum (1984) and MSX (1984)

The Snowman is a fixed screen platform game based on the book by Raymond Briggs. The objective of the game...

Snow Moto Racing 3D Nintendo 3DS Front Cover

Nintendo 3DS (2013)

Snow Moto Racing Freedom Windows Front Cover

Browser (2004)

Snowmuncher is an action game from the virtual pet website Neopets. Its gameplay is similar to Mr. Driller. The player...

The Snow Queen Quest PlayStation 2 Front Cover

Windows (2007) and PlayStation 2 (2007)

The Snow Queen Quest is 3D stealth adventure game based on the fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen. The...

The Snowrider Browser Front Cover

Browser (2002)

The player here controls a little snow mouse, frantically walking backwards atop a ball of snow that doesn't start out...

Snow Strike DOS Front Cover

DOS (1990), Amiga (1990), Atari ST (1990), Commodore 64 (1990), ZX Spectrum (1990) and Amstrad CPC (1990)

You must fly an F14-LBC "Rapier" on a series of missions all along Colombia. You've land missions like free flight,...

Windows (2003), Macintosh (2003) and Browser (2003)

SnowTraxx is an arcade game similar to Snake. It is a promotional game made for Nokia and RadioShack. The player...

Snow White in Happily Ever After SNES Front Cover

SNES (1994)

Follow the further story of Snow White after the evil Queen's death. Her brother Lord Maliss, who can take the...

Snowy: Fish Frenzy Windows Front Cover

Windows (2005)

Snowy the Bear and his friend Browny have a lot of fish for their friends, but there are a lot...

Snowy: Lunch Rush Windows Front Cover

Windows (2006)

There's a contest in Bear Town to see who will be the best restaurant at the end of 60 days....

Snowy: Space Trip Windows Front Cover

Windows (2004)

When a gang of evil robots captures Snowy's alien friends it's up to him to don his space suit and...

Snowy: The Bear's Adventures Windows Front Cover

Windows (2003), PSP (2011), Macintosh (2006), PlayStation 3 (2011) and PS Vita (2012)

Help the white bear Snowy to get to Arctic. Could it be possible for a little white bear to withstand...

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