Action games main mechanics revolve around one or more of the following:
  • Accuracy
  • Movement
  • Quick Decisions
  • Reflexes
  • Timing
This genre is only to be used for games that don't fit in the other action-based basic genres such as Racing/Driving, Role-Playing (RPG) and Sports.
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Combat Air Patrol 2: Battle of Hormuz Windows Front Cover
Combat Cars Genesis Front Cover

Genesis (1994)

Combat Cars is a racing game in which the player not only competes with other cars, trying to outrun them,...

Combat Core Macintosh Front Cover

Windows (2016) and Macintosh (2016)

Combat Course DOS Front Cover

DOS (1989), Amiga (1989), Atari ST (1988), Commodore 64 (1989) and Amstrad CPC (1988)

Lace up those boots soldier, and get ready for five levels of challenging action in this boot camp simulator. As...

Commodore 64 (1988)

On a long and dangerous mission to kill the leader of an enemy army called Warbringer, you are the last...

Combat Elite: Border Wars iPad Front Cover

iPhone (2017), Android (2017) and iPad (2017)

PlayStation 2 (2005) and Xbox (2005)

Combat★Elite: WWII Paratroopers is primarily a top-down close-combat shooter with some RPG features. It can be played in single-player or...

ZX81 (1982)

Combat Flight is a side scrolling shoot 'em up. The player's task is simply to blast as many aliens as...

Atari 5200 (2003)

This is the game Combat Two ported to the Atari 5200 with additional features.You still can use tanks to shoot...

Atari 5200 (2002)

This is the game Combat II Advanced that was awarded to the winners of a Combat II Advanced Contest. The...

Combat Instinct Windows Front Cover

Windows (2017)

Combat Lynx Commodore 64 Front Cover

Commodore 64 (1984), ZX Spectrum (1984), Amstrad CPC (1985), BBC Micro (1985) and Electron (1985)

A semi-realistic helicopter battle game, viewed from behind. Allied bases must be protected from air and land attacks, and soldiers...

Windows (2002)

Front Lines ... Middle East war zone ... your buddy cries "Medic!" and you scurry on your knees towards him....

Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D Nintendo 3DS Front Cover

Commodore 64 (1992) and ZX Spectrum (1992)

Combat Pack #3 is a compilation of the following four games: Spaghetti Western Kick Box Vigilante Ninja Commando Bionic Ninja...

Combat Queen PlayStation 2 Front Cover

PlayStation 2 (2002)

Mysterious giant insects have invaded Japan! These flying monstrosities have reduced Tokyo to a ghost town in less than 24...

Atari 2600 (2004)

Combat Redux is a hack of Combat that changes all the play fields and clouds, offering twenty-one new tank fields...

The Combatribes SNES Front Cover

SNES (1992), Wii (2009) and Arcade (1990)

A 2D side-scrolling brawler, The Combatribes puts you and a friend in the shoes of combat cyborgs Berzeker, Bullova and...

DOS (1994)

Combatrobo Zakato is a Korean-made sci-fi side-scrolling shooter in which the player controls a giant mecha sent into a hostile...

Atari 2600 (2002)

Combat Rock is just like the Atari game Combat, but the sound effects have been removed and replaced with a...

PC-88 (1988)

Despite its title, Combat Simulator: Battle Gorilla has nothing to do with the well-known large African primates, but rather with...

Combat Spatial: La Collection Windows Front Cover

Windows (2001)

This is a compilation of: Descent: Freespace - The Great War Descent: Freespace - Silent Threat Freespace 2

Windows 3.x (1994)

Combat Tanks is a fun 2D tank combat game. You must destroy all the enemies and go on to the...

Combat: Task Force 121 Windows Front Cover

Windows (2005) and Xbox (2005)

In Combat: Task Force 121, you are a member of the elite Task Force 121, the US military force responsible...

Atari 2600 (2001)

The year is 2037. Nations no longer fight monster wars, killing millions. Instead, two combatants enter an arena and fight...

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