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These games allow the player to take control of or otherwise focus on robots or machines controlled by people. These machines vary great in size and shape, but are distinguished from other vehicles by their humanoid or biomorphic appearance.
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Genocide 2: Master of the Dark Communion Sharp X68000 Front Cover

DOS (1995) and Sharp X68000 (1991)

The war against the powerful neurocomputer MESIA ended with the victory of the humans in the second half of the...

Geograph Seal Sharp X68000 Front Cover

Sharp X68000 (1994)

Geograph Seal is a mecha-themed first-person 3D shooter. The plot is rather simple and involves an unnamed enemy constructing weapon...

G.G Series Throw Out Nintendo DSi Front Cover

Nintendo DSi (2010)

Ghost in the Shell PlayStation Front Cover

PlayStation (1997)

Ghost in the Shell is a 3D shooter based on the original comic by Masamune Shirow rather than Mamoru Oshi's...

Gigantic Army Linux Front Cover

Linux (2014) and Windows (2010)

In the 21st century Earth is at war with the Ramulons, an alien race determined to prevent Earth from expanding...

MSX (1984)

Based on Nippon Sunrise's animation series of the eighties, your goal in Vifam is to guide your mothership to a...

Ginga Ojōsama Densetsu Yuna FX: Kanashimi no Sirene PC-FX Front Cover

PC-FX (1996)

The third game in the Galaxy Fräulein Yuna series, Kanashimi no Sirene picks up where the last game ended. After...

Gladiabots Windows Front Cover

Windows (2018) and Android (2018)

G-Nome Windows Front Cover

Windows (1997)

In the future, an uneasy peace exists between four races. The Humans, the Darken, the Merc and the Scorp. The...

Gotcha Force GameCube Front Cover

GameCube (2003)

In Gotcha Force, up to 4 players can use robots to unleash powerful attacks and projectile weapons along with jumping...

Great Qin Warriors Windows Front Cover

Windows (2002)

In the year 2164, a wormhole into an alternate realm was opened by accident, and malevolent creatures known as "replicators"...

Greed Corp. Windows Front Cover

Windows (2010), Xbox 360 (2010), Macintosh (2011), PlayStation 3 (2010), iPhone (2011), Android (2011) and iPad (2011)

Greed Corp. is a turn-based digital board game where players must harvest the land around their units while denying those...

TurboGrafx CD (1991)

Gulclight TDF2 is a turn-based tactical game and a follow-up to T.D.F.. There is no background story information in the...

Windows (1997), PlayStation (1997) and Macintosh (1997)

A simple puzzle oriented game based upon the popular Gundam robot warrior series. Game has several FMV shots of fighting...

PlayStation (2000)

This game is the follow-up to Gundam: The Battle Master. Heero Yuy, the pilot of a Mobile Suit Wing Gundam...

Gundam Battle Assault 2 PlayStation Front Cover

PlayStation (2002)

Gundam Battle Assault 2 is an one-on-one fighting game, based on the popular anime series "Mobile Suit Gundam" and its...

Gundam Battle Universe PSP Front Cover

PSP (2008)

A third-person (with an optional first-person view) action game that places you in control of a variety of Mobile Suits...

Gundam Breaker PlayStation 3 Front Cover
Gundam Breaker 2 PlayStation 3 Front Cover
Gundam Breaker 3 PlayStation 4 Front Cover

Dreamcast (1999)

Gundam Side Story 0079: Rise from the Ashes is a mech combat simulation set in the Gundam universe. Created to...

Gundam Versus PlayStation 4 Front Cover

PlayStation 4 (2017)

After six years of version updates to Extreme Vs., Gundam Versus marks a fully new entry, designed for home consoles,...

Gungriffon SEGA Saturn Front Cover

SEGA Saturn (1996)

Pilot an enormous walking mech to complete missions set all over the world in late 21st century warfare fighting other...

Xbox (2004)

As natural resources grow scarce, the world plunges into war while governments attempt to hold on to what little remains....

Gungriffon Blaze PlayStation 2 Front Cover

PlayStation 2 (2000)

Gungriffon Blaze is a 3D battlemech game. The game contains six scenarios with a multitude of free-roaming levels. The gameplay...

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