Persistent games’ mechanics continue even when the player is not playing the game. Either the game state is simulated on a remote server or the changes over time are calculated when the player returns to playing.
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The Saga of Ryzom Windows Front Cover

Linux (2010), Windows (2004) and Macintosh (2011)

The Saga of Ryzom is a mmorpg which takes place on Atys, an organic planet. We can play one of...

Scarlet Blade Windows Front Cover

Windows (2013)

Scarlet Blade is a MMORPG set in a post-apocalyptic world where Arkana, adaptative semi-nude female warriors created by "Mother", fight...

Windows (2003)

Seal Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It is set in the medieval fantasy world Schiltz and shares...

Second Life Linux Front Cover 1st cover

Linux (2008), Windows (2003) and Macintosh (2004)

In Second Life you are dropped into a virtual world with the ability to perform a variety of actions You...

Secret World: Legends Windows Front Cover

Windows (2017)

The Secret World Windows Front Cover

Windows (2012)

The Secret World is an MMORPG set in a modern day environment, but with elements from urban legends, myths, magic...

Seed Windows Front Cover

Windows (2006)

After having colonized the Moon and Mars, humanity wanted to spread even further across the universe. The sent off colonization...

Selfie: Sisters of the Amniotic Lens Windows Front Cover

Windows (2015)

In the 1980s, the mutilated bodies of six members of a cult, the Sisters of the Amniotic Lens, have been...

Shadowbane Macintosh Front Cover

Windows (2003) and Macintosh (2003)

Shadowbane is a dark fantasy Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG) with a large amount of player interaction with other...

Windows (2004) and Macintosh (2004)

The second expansion pack to the MMORPG Shadowbane, Throne of Oblivion includes both the original release, and The Rise of...

Shadowgun: Legends iPad Front Cover

iPhone (2018), Android (2018), iPad (2018) and tvOS (2018)

Macintosh (1995)

Shadow Wraith is a top-down view scrolling shooter arcade-style video game.In the game, the player assumes the role of an...

Windows (2001)

Shattered Galaxy is a massive-multiplayer game that mixes several genres, including role-playing, turn-based strategy, real-time strategy, and tactical combat, in...

Shop Heroes Browser Front Cover

Browser (2015), iPhone (2015), Android (2015) and iPad (2015)

Shop Heroes is a simulation and RPG game in a fantasy setting. You play as a shop keeper and you...

Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues Linux Front Cover
The Simpsons: Tapped Out iPad Front Cover

iPhone (2012), Android (2013) and iPad (2012)

The Simpsons: Tapped Out is a persistent world game set in Springfield. The game starts with a parody of itself,...

The Sims 2 Nintendo DS Front Cover

Nintendo DS (2005)

Welcome to Strangetown! In the Nintendo DS version of the Sims 2, players take on the role of the custodian...

The Sims: FreePlay iPad Front Cover

iPhone (2011), BlackBerry (2013), Android (2012), iPad (2011) and Windows Phone (2013)

The Sims: FreePlay is a free-to-play adaptation of The Sims life simulation series for mobile devices. It is largely based...

The Sims: Online Windows Front Cover

Windows (2002)

The Sims Online takes the gameplay from The Sims and brings it into a consistent online universe, where all the...

Sindbad Mystery SG-1000 Front Cover

SG-1000 (1983) and Arcade (1983)

In this top-down action adventure game, you play "Sindbad" the sailor. You must avoid monsters while piecing together treasure maps...

Windows (2001)

This revolutionary on-line, football management game lets you manage your favourite club and play head-to-head against other people, live over...

Browser (2010)

Social City is as the name implies a social game on Facebook. The goal in the game is to found...

Solaroids: Prologue Linux Front Cover 1st version

Linux (2017), Windows (2017), Xbox 360 (2016) and Macintosh (2017)

Sorority Life Browser Front Cover

Browser (2008)

Sorority Life is a game very similar to Mafia Wars but tailored to a female audience. Like Mafia Wars the...

Speed Brawl Windows Front Cover

Windows (2018), PlayStation 4 (2018), Xbox One (2018) and Nintendo Switch (2018)

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