Role-Playing (RPG)


Role-Playing games (RPGs) belong to a wide a varied game genre that focuses on character development. Additional aspects that are often found in RPGs are:
  • Amassing wealth
  • Narrative
  • Tactical combat
Character development in RPGs does not necessarily happen as in traditional stories, but means the main character(s) in the game learns new abilities or improves the capabilities of old ones. Character development also includes collecting armament and/or utilities of gradually increasing power.
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Idol Project 2 PC-98 Front Cover

PC-98 (1995)

Unlike the first Idol Project, the story of the sequel is directly related to to the anime series Idol Project,...

Iesabel Linux Front Cover

Linux (2013), Windows (2013) and Macintosh (2013)

Iffermoon Windows Front Cover

Windows (2008)

Iffermoon is a freeware RPG entirely created by a single developer, Scott Cawton and set in a fantasy steampunk universe....

iHeroes iPad Front Cover

iPhone (2011) and iPad (2011)

iHeroes is an unlicensed port of Heroes of Might and Magic II for iPhone and iPad. Even though the port...

PC-98 (1994) and FM Towns (1994)

A young sexy female warrior Raidi has come to a village whose inhabitants were abducted by young sexy female... demons....

PC-98 (1995) and FM Towns (1996)

In this sequel to Ikazuchi no Senshi Raidi, the fearless (and good-looking) female warrior Raidi is wandering through a desert....

Windows (1999)

In Ikusa Megami, the player assumes a role of Celica, a former male warrior who is now... a woman. The...

Windows (2002)

An ancient fiend who was sealed in the depths of a dungeon long time ago is about to awaken. The...

Windows (2008)

Ikusa Megami Zero is a prequel to the first Ikusa Megami game: it follows the events that made Celica, a...

DOS (1994)

Manman Papa Sikjeok-pyeon is based on the Chinese Ming Dynasty folk tale about Yi Zhi Mei (Korean pronunciation: Iljimae), a...

Illarion Linux Front Cover

Linux (2013), Windows (2013) and Macintosh (2013)

Illarion is a free open source MMORPG that fo­cuses on true role play­ing. The player can chose from six races...

MSX (1991), PC-98 (1990) and Sharp X68000 (1991)

A young man wakes up, only to find himself in a bed, in an unknown house, in an unknown place....

Illusion City: Gen'ei Toshi SEGA CD Front Cover

Windows (2017), SEGA CD (1993), MSX (1991), PC-98 (1992), FM Towns (1993) and Sharp X68000 (1993)

In the beginning of 21th century a terrible disaster, called "demon-coming crisis", devastated the Asian continent. Hong Kong was most...

Illusion of Gaia SNES Front Cover

SNES (1993)

Will is a young boy whose father disappeared long time ago. Now Will lives in a small town with his...

Windows (1999)

Illusions of Deception is a 2D jRPG, made with the Klik 'n' Play program. The game begins Earth hit by...

Imadoki no Vampire: Bloody Bride PlayStation Front Cover

PlayStation (1996)

The game features a young vampire who reaches (vampire's) adulthood. But in order to become mature he must suck the...

Windows (2012)

This futuristic SRPG using the RPG Maker engine features an apocalyptic event known as The Shine, which has killed billions...

Immortal Odyssey iPad Front Cover

iPhone (2015), Android (2015) and iPad (2015)

Immortal Planet Windows Front Cover

Windows (2017)

Imperatum Windows Front Cover

Windows (2017)

Imperium Galactica DOS Front Cover

DOS (1997) and Windows (2016)

Imperium Galactica is set sometime during the fourth millennium and you, as a human, must rebuild the Human Empire. You...

Imperivm III: The Great Battles of Rome Windows Front Cover

Windows (2004)

Imperivm III: The Great Battles of Rome is an RPG / RTS game based on historical facts, that allows us...

Inazuma Eleven Nintendo DS Front Cover

Nintendo DS (2008) and Nintendo 3DS (2014)

Inazuma Eleven is a blend of a football (soccer) game and traditional RPG. The game stars Mark Evans, the captain...

Incitement 3 Windows Front Cover

Windows (2015)

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Extended Edition PlayStation 4 Front Cover
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