Shooter games are a broad action genre in which the player shoots enemies or targets as a primary gameplay mechanic. This can be from any perspective.
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WarMages Windows Front Cover

Windows (2017)

WARMA Online Windows Front Cover

Windows (2018)

WarMen Tactics Wii Front Cover

Wii (2010)

Warning Forever Windows Front Cover

Windows (2003)

Warning Forever is a top-down shooter in which you have to fight a virtually endless number of increasingly difficult boss-battles....

Arcade (1993)

War of Aero: Project MEIOU is a 2D vertical scrolling futuristic shoot 'em up. The player controls a spaceship and...

Windows (2011)

The goal of this game is to use your tank to destroy all of the enemy tanks in each level...

War of the Worlds J2ME Front Cover

J2ME (2005)

In War of the Worlds, the film based on the H.G. Wells novel of the same name, the focus is...

Browser (2001)

The simple shooter game War on Terrorism is one of the many browser games created in the wake of 9/11...

War§ow Macintosh Front Cover

Linux (2006), Windows (2006) and Macintosh (2008)

Warsow is a free 3D multiplayer FPS developed with eSports competition in mind. Based on Qfusion, a modification of the...

Warp Amiga Front Cover

Amiga (1990) and Atari ST (1989)

Once again, Earth is in peril. A robot race, the Myrons, put an energy layer over the planet with the...

Mainframe (1983)

Warp is a Star Trek-themed terminal action game. You can control either the Enterprise or a nearby Starbase and switch...

WarPath Windows Front Cover

Windows (2006) and Xbox (2006)

Warpath is a budget-priced first-person shooter from the same people that developed Pariah. As such, the gameplay is very similar...

Warped Retro Xbox 360 Front Cover

Xbox 360 (2013)

Warped Retro is a retro shooter with four distinctive game modes: Rocks: A Asteroids variant. The space ship freely flies...

Commodore 64 (1986)

Your enemy has taken control of a strategically important island and has made it well defended thanks to a network...

Atari 2600 (1982)

You're warping along fine when suddenly you are caught and unable to maneuver. Suddenly, space pirates approach attempting to disable...

Warpman NES Front Cover

NES (1985)

This game is an updated version of Warp Warp. Players once again take control of the monster fighter as he...

Warp Shooter Xbox 360 Front Cover

Xbox 360 (2012)

Warp Shooter is a multiplayer-only dual stick shooter. While taking control over an abstract symbol, the goal is to shoot...

SNES (1992) and Genesis (1993)

The player takes control of a starpilot with a mission to defend star bases from a fleet of invading alien...

Warp Warp MSX Front Cover

MSX (1984), Casio PV-1000 (1983), Sord M5 (1982) and Arcade (1981)

In this game you 're in control of a monster fighter. A warp zone is set in the middle of...

War Rock Windows Front Cover

Windows (2007)

War Rock is an on-line shooter with a free-to-play commercial model. The game revolves around the fictional modern day conflict...

MSX (1985)

Warroid is a game that pits two players (or one player and the AI) against each other in a robot...

Warshift Windows Front Cover

Windows (2016)

Warside Windows Front Cover

Windows (2015)

War Tech Fighters Windows Front Cover

Windows (2017)

WarTech: Senko no Ronde Xbox 360 Front Cover

Xbox 360 (2006) and Arcade (2005)

WarTech: Senko no Ronde is an action game which resembles a mix of a arcade style shooter and a projectile-based...

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