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Side view


These games use a traditional “platforming” viewpoint where the action is seen from the side. This perspective can be used for 2D as well as 3D games, both scrolling and static.
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TUMIKI Fighters Windows Front Cover

Linux (2004), Windows (2004) and Macintosh (2005)

TUMIKI Fighters is a freeware side-scrolling shooter where the player controls a toy-plane, attempting to destroy enemy toy ships as...

DOS (1994)

It seems like you're caved in. Now you have to find your way out! TunnelMan is a story about a...

Tuper Tario Tros. Browser Front Cover

Browser (2009)

Tuper Tario Tros. is a mash-up of two classic games: Super Mario Bros. and Tetris. Inspired by the puzzle platforming...

Commodore 64 (1988), ZX Spectrum (1988) and Amstrad CPC (1988)

You are aboard a powerful boat, deep in enemy territory, and must get through this to make it back in...

Turbo Grannies iPad Front Cover

Symbian (2011), iPhone (2011), Android (2011), iPad (2011) and bada (2011)

Turbo Grannies is a side-scrolling racing game similar to Elasto Mania. For some elders the nursery home is awfully boring....

Turbo Pug Windows Front Cover

Windows (2015) and Android (2016)

Turbo Pug is a simple auto-run platformer with pixel graphics. With single-button controls, the player only needs to time jumps...

Turbo Pug DX Windows Front Cover

Windows (2016)

Amiga (1992)

TurboRaketti is a Finnish two-player "caveflyer", where you and a mate fly your Thrust-like ships around intricate levels with the...

Turkey-Fling Browser Front Cover

Browser (2008)

In Turkey Fling the player has one objective, to pull back on a turkey on a spittle like a slingshot...

Turkey, Please! Nintendo 3DS Front Cover

Nintendo 3DS (2019)

Turkey-Xmas Browser Front Cover

Browser (2008)

Turkey-Xmas is the game Turkey-Fling redone with a Christmas theme.As before, you are flinging the turkey to freedom. Press the...

SEGA Master System (1993)

After defeating the Dragão Gospe Fogo (in Mônica no Castelo do Dragão), Mônica was kidnapped by Capitão Feio, but before...

Turma da Mônica na Terra dos Monstros Genesis Front Cover

Genesis (1994)

Mônica went to visit her friends in País da Fantasia (Fantasy Land), but when she arrived, she had a surprise:...

Turmoil ZX Spectrum Front Cover

ZX Spectrum (1984) and MSX (1986)

Bug Byte's Turmoil is a platform game starring Mick The Mechanic. He works for Sheik Abdul Al Kohol, the dictator...

Turmoil Linux Front Cover

Linux (2016), Windows (2016) and Macintosh (2016)

Turnion iPad Front Cover

iPhone (2015) and iPad (2015)

TurnOn Macintosh Front Cover

Windows (2016), Macintosh (2016) and Xbox One (2016)

TurnOn is a puzzle platform game about electricity and restoring light. After an accident at a power plant all electricity...

Turn Undead: Monster Hunter iPad Front Cover

DOS (1994)

Turoid is an Arkanoid clone, where the point is - like in many other games like it - to bounce...

Game Boy Color (1998)

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil is a 2D side-scrolling beat'em up (quite similar to Bad Dudes - only several levels...

Turok: Battle of the Bionosaurs Game Boy Front Cover

Game Boy (1998)

Battle of the Bionosaurs is a companion to its N64 and PC counterpart Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. As Turok you are...

Game Boy Advance (2002)

In this prequel to the previous Turok games, you are Tal'Set, the saviour of natives of the River Village in...

Turrican Genesis Front Cover

Game Boy (1991), Genesis (1991), Amiga (1990), Atari ST (1990), Commodore 64 (1990), TurboGrafx-16 (1991), ZX Spectrum (1990), Amstrad CPC (1990), CDTV (1991) and BlackBerry (2013)

Three-headed demon Morgul has been influencing people's dreams to create nightmares, but more recently these nightmares have become real. Only...

Turrican II: The Final Fight DOS Front Cover

DOS (1995), Amiga (1991), Atari ST (1991), Commodore 64 (1991), ZX Spectrum (1991), Amstrad CPC (1991), CDTV (1992) and BlackBerry (2013)

Turrican II: The Final Fight is a platformer/shooter as typically seen on consoles, but designed for home computers from the...

Turtix Windows Front Cover

Windows (2007)

Turtix has gone and done it. What he thought would be a small spell ended up being the one that...

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