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Side view


These games use a traditional “platforming” viewpoint where the action is seen from the side. This perspective can be used for 2D as well as 3D games, both scrolling and static.
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Bridge Constructor: Stunts Linux Front Cover

Linux (2016), Windows (2016), Macintosh (2016), PlayStation 4 (2018) and Xbox One (2016)

Commodore 16, Plus/4 (1986)

After your success in Legionnaire, your new mission is now to secure a Bridgehead before making your way to the...

Windows (2003)

Bridge It is a sequel to Pontifex 2. Like the previous games it is up to you to build a...

Bridge Odyssey iPhone Front Cover

iPhone (2009)

Similar to games like Bridge Builder, the player has to build a bridge over a gap using limited resources with...

Bridge Project Macintosh Front Cover

Windows (2013) and Macintosh (2013)

Bridge Project is a 3D bridge building simulation. Players build bridges for 48 scenarios in different landscapes. Some of the...

The Bridge Linux Front Cover 2014 cover

Linux (2014), Windows (2013), Xbox 360 (2013), Macintosh (2014), PlayStation 3 (2015), PS Vita (2015), Wii U (2015), PlayStation 4 (2015), Xbox One (2015), Ouya (2015) and Nintendo Switch (2017)

The Bridge is a 2D logic puzzle game entire in black-and-white based on physics and warped perspectives similar to echochrome...

Bridge!: The Construction Game Windows Front Cover

Windows (2011)

As title says, BRIDGE! The Construction Game is a game about building bridges across stream of water and not getting...

Brief Battles Windows Front Cover

Windows (2019), PlayStation 4 (2019) and Xbox One (2019)

Brief Karate Foolish Windows Front Cover

Windows (2016)

Windows (1999) and PC-98 (1995)

Gady is a black magician and a skillful martial artist who travels around with his personal fairy Leena. Gady is...

Bring Me Sandwiches!! iPad Front Cover
Bring Them Home PlayStation 4 Front Cover
Bring You Home iPad Front Cover

iPhone (2018), iPad (2018) and tvOS (2018)

Bristles Commodore 64 Front Cover

Commodore 64 (1983), Atari 5200 (2004), Atari 8-bit (1983) and Arcade (1984)

The object of this game is to paint all the rooms of a building without losing your paint brushes (lives)...

Brix DOS Front Cover

DOS (1992)

Brix is a near exact clone of the Taito game Puzznic. You are presented with an array of pieces, which...

DOS (1991)

This game entry reflects the original public domain release of Brix. For the reworked version by Epic MegaGames, see here.In...

DOS (1992)

Brix 2 Deluxe is a puzzle game, very similar to Puzznic, and it is a sequel to Brix. Each level...

Brodlzottn iPhone Front Cover

iPhone (2011)

Brodlzottn is an endless 2D runner game about a patch of hair escaping an evil shaver. The protagonist "Brodlzodi" has...

Broforce Linux Front Cover

Linux (2015), Windows (2014), Macintosh (2014), PlayStation 4 (2016) and Nintendo Switch (2018)

Broforce is a 2D run-and-gun platform game with gameplay similar to the Metal Slug series and with brick-based destructible terrain....

Windows (2012) and Browser (2012)

BROFORCE! Brototype is a side scrolling jump and run game with destructible terrain. It uses 16-bit style graphics and is...

Broken Dreams Linux Front Cover

Linux (2016), Windows (2016) and Macintosh (2016)

Windows (2012)

Broken Layer is a short (only two levels) horizontally scrolling shoot-em-up game. Enemies flies in from the left or right...

Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror - Remastered Linux Front Cover

Linux (2013), Windows (2009), Macintosh (2011), iPhone (2010), Android (2012) and iPad (2010)

Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror - Remastered is a remastered edition of the original game. The game features the same...

Bronze Age Linux Front Cover

Linux (2013), Windows (2013), Macintosh (2013), iPhone (2013), Android (2015) and iPad (2013)

MSX (1987)

This is clone version of the 1983 Mario Mario and Luigi, the best plumbers in the world, have a...

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