Strategy/Tactics games revolve around strategic and/or tactical usage of resources often in combat or managerial scenarios.
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Northern Tale 2 Windows Front Cover

Windows (2013), Macintosh (2014), Android (2014) and iPad (2014)

The three princesses have been rescued and the evil witch, Gesta, has been defeated, hopefully permanently. However, she still left...

Northern Tale 3 Windows Front Cover

Windows (2014)

Finally, the witch Gesta and her henchmen are defeated! Now, at last, peace truly comes to the land. In celebration,...

Northern Tale 4 Windows Front Cover

Windows (2014)

Peace is good! King Ragnar's daughters are living peacefully these past few years and all seems well. Then, one day,...

Northgard Windows Front Cover 1st version

Linux (2018), Windows (2017) and Macintosh (2018)

Northland Linux Front Cover

Linux (2006), Windows (2002), Macintosh (2003) and iPad (2014)

This game tells the story of Bjarni, a brave viking, who also has lived through the adventures around the secret...

Northmark: Hour of the Wolf Macintosh Front Cover
North & South DOS Front Cover

DOS (1990), Amiga (1989), NES (1990), Atari ST (1989), Commodore 64 (1989), ZX Spectrum (1991), MSX (1991) and Amstrad CPC (1990)

Based on the Belgian comic book, "Les Tuniques Bleues", this strategy game allows you to replay the American Civil War...

North & South: The Game Windows Front Cover

Windows (2013), iPhone (2013), Android (2013) and iPad (2012)

North & South: The Game is a remake of the classic North & South. It is a turn-based strategy game...

North vs. South Windows Front Cover

Windows (1999)

North vs. South: The Great American Civil War is a turn-based strategy game that lets you play various battles in...

Norway 1985 Commodore 64 Front Cover

Commodore 64 (1985) and Apple II (1985)

Last of SSI's "When Superpowers Collide" series. The Soviets invade Norway! In this strategic simulation of a hypothetical war between...

No Surrender: Battle of the Bulge Windows Front Cover

Windows (2005)

No Surrender: Battle of the Bulge is a World War II real-time strategy game and the sequel to D-Day. The...

Mainframe (1975)

Notone is a dice game played against the computer. On a turn a player can throw two dice as often...

Windows 3.x (1993)

Noughts and Crosses is a variant of the classic game of Tic-Tac-Toe. Whereas normal Tic-Tac-Toe is played in a 3x3...

Amiga (1992)

A "tic-tac-toe" game running in a standard AmigaOS window, featuring a half-clever AI. The playfield measures 50 times 24 squares....

Nova-111 Macintosh Front Cover

Windows (2015), Macintosh (2015), PlayStation 3 (2015), PS Vita (2015), Wii U (2015), PlayStation 4 (2015) and Xbox One (2015)

Nowa-111 is a sci-fi themed turn-based game set in alien worlds. The main mission is to restore the flow of...

NSFW: Not a Simulator for Working Linux Front Cover

Mainframe (1958)

The NSS Chess Program is an early chess game and the first system known to have won against a human...

Nuclear Dawn Macintosh Front Cover

Windows (2011) and Macintosh (2011)

Nuclear Dawn is a team shooter set in a post-nuclear world. Two factions, the Empire and the Consortium of Free...

Windows (2011) and Macintosh (2011)

This plutonium edition is a retail release of a game that was previously only available through digital distribution. It contains:...

Mainframe (1970)

Nuclear Destruction is a computer moderated play-by-mail game. Players send in their commands for each turn by post and a...

Nuclear War DOS Front Cover

DOS (1989) and Amiga (1989)

In Nuclear War you have to blow the opposition to smithereens - you have four opposing factions. You can either...

Nukewar Apple II Front Cover

Commodore 64 (1983), Apple II (1980), Atari 8-bit (1980), VIC-20 (1983), TRS-80 (1980), Commodore PET/CBM (1980) and FM-7 (1982)

The time is the late 20th century. You and a neighboring country have developed a nuclear capability. Your neighbor's sole...

Numantia Windows Front Cover

Windows (2017), PlayStation 4 (2017) and Xbox One (2017)

Number Battle Nintendo DSi Front Cover
Number Puzzler BBC Micro Front Cover

Dragon 32/64 (1984), BBC Micro (1983) and Electron (1984)

Number Puzzler is a collection of four educational number games for two players, either one person vs the computer or...

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