Strategy/Tactics games revolve around strategic and/or tactical usage of resources often in combat or managerial scenarios.
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Mainframe (1976)

Survivor is a strategy game for two players based on Conway's Game of Life. The players place initial cells on...

Survivor Squad Linux Front Cover

Linux (2015), Windows (2013) and Macintosh (2015)

Survivor Squad is a real-time tactical game where you control a squad of up to four survivors in a top-down...

Survivor Squad: Gauntlets Linux Front Cover
Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido Nintendo 3DS Front Cover
Svea Rike Windows Front Cover

Windows (1997), Windows 3.x (1997) and Macintosh (1997)

Svea Rike is a real-time strategy game based on the history of Sweden. The game take place between year 1523...

Svea Rike II Macintosh Front Cover

Windows (1999) and Macintosh (1999)

Svea Rike II is real-time strategy game based on the history of Sweden. The gameplay is very similar to that...

Svea Rike III Windows Front Cover

Windows (2000)

Svea Rike III is the third game in Svea Rike series. The year is 1275, and the Nordic countries are...

Sven-Göran Eriksson's World Manager Windows Front Cover

Windows (2002), PlayStation (2002) and PlayStation 2 (2002)

In 2002 Anco developed two soccer games that were licensed by the Swedish England coach Sven-Göran Eriksson. One was a...

Galaksija (1986)

Svetleći Bicikli is a game inspired by "Tron" movie, where player controls a bicycle that leaves a light trail behind....

Swamp Defense 2 iPad Front Cover

iPhone (2014), Android (2014), iPad (2014) and Nintendo Switch (2018)

Swarm Assault Windows Front Cover

Windows (2001)

Swarm Assault is a real time strategy game where you battle with swarms of ants, beetles, spiders, scorpions and wasps...

Swarm Rampage Windows Front Cover

Windows (2007)

Swarm Rampage is the successor to Swarm Assault. Fight for dominance over ant hills in this real-time strategy game with...

Windows (2001)

Swarog is a Russian developed real time strategy game. The player is asked to lead the people of Luzhevya as...

SWAT 4 Windows Front Cover

Windows (2005)

In the fourth game of the venerable SWAT series, you play as a Special Weapons and Tactics element commander at...

SWAT: Global Strike Team PlayStation 2 Front Cover

PlayStation 2 (2003) and Xbox (2003)

SWAT: Global Strike Team is both a first person shooter and a strategy game since it combines the tactical strategic...

NES (1987)

SWAT: Special Weapons and Tactics is a tactical turn-based RPG in which you traverse a pseudo-3D building to search for...

SWAT: Target Liberty PSP Front Cover

PSP (2007)

In New York City, a Koren Triad gang is terrorizing the city, attacking citizens in broad daylight and conducting bold...

Sweatshop Browser Front Cover

Browser (2011) and iPad (2012)

Sweatshop is an educational game where the player is the manager of a clothing factory. A sweatshop is a factory...

Sweetest Thing Wii U Front Cover

Wii U (2016)

SweetLand iPad Front Cover

iPhone (2014), Android (2014), iPad (2014) and tvOS (2015)

Sweet Memories: Blackjack Nintendo 3DS Front Cover

Nintendo 3DS (2012)

Sweet Reversi PlayStation 3 Front Cover

PSP (2010), PlayStation 3 (2010) and PS Vita (2012)

Swift Classics Board Games Windows Front Cover

Windows (2001)

Swift Classics Board Games is a compilation of board game based games with a couple of arcade and puzzle games...

S.W.I.N.E. Windows Front Cover

Windows (2001)

On the 3rd of August, the Swine National Army invaded CarrotLand, home of the Rabbit nation. The poor Rabbits were...

Switchblade Windows Front Cover
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