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This group contains the games that were compatible with the unlicensed NES peripheral the Aladdin Deck Enhancer made by Camerica and Codemasters.

Several more games were planned to be released for use with the Aladdin Deck Enhancer but were unfortunately canceled. They were: * Bee 52 Big Nose the Caveman CJ's Elephant Antics DreamWorld Pogie * F16 Renegade Go! Dizzy Go! Metal Man * Mig-29 Soviet Fighter Stunt Kids* Team Sports Basketball * The Ultimate Stuntman


The idea behind the compact cartridges was to take circuitry that was common to all NES cartridges and remove it placing it in the Deck Enhancer, leaving the game cartridge containing only parts that were unique to each game (mainly the game code.) Since the game cartridge now contained fewer parts, the manufacturing cost (and thus the cost to the consumer) was to be lower. To play the game you would plug the compact cartridge into the deck enhancer which would form a complete NES cartridge which could then be used in the normal fashion. Very few games appeared in compact cartridge form (seven total, including Dizzy the Adventurer which came with the Deck Enhancer.

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