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This game group features games where the player controlled human or humanoid character may attempt cannibalism, specifically human cannibalism as an optional activity.

Cannibalism for the most part is usually expressed by the game. Either by identifying the food item as human remains, a cannibalism skill or perk, or a message indicating the attempt of cannibalism. Usual practice consists of devouring human flesh which may result in positive and/or negative effects. Positive effects may include nourishment, reputation, etc., while negative effects may include in-game social sanctions, being cursed, etc. Although the purpose of cannibalism is usually for nourishment or food, some games may introduce more sinister purposes, such as a black magic requirement, a cannibal achievement, or to enact revenge on your in-laws.

Humanoids not normally identified as eating humans or their own kind may also be included in this group, e.g. an elf protagonist eating dwarven flesh, etc.


  • This is not a cannibal-themed game group. Cannibalism must be an optional activity made available to the player. Games where cannibalism is the result of the plot/story, quest, or other mandatory requirements are to be excluded from this game group, unless the option to freely cannibalize other humans still remains. Games where the protagonist starts as a cannibal should also be excluded, being a mandatory activity, unless the cannibal protagonist may optionally eat a strictly non-human diet.

  • Is limited to human cannibalism. Thus, a vegan vegetable protagonist does not count. Neither do vampires, werewolves, or other flesh eating monster protagonists. The protagonist must be identified as a stereotypical human, where cannibalism may be considered an exotic break from the normal diet.

  • Games where cannibalism is a choice, however by doing so, may include a feature where the character permanently becomes a cannibal, should be included in this game group.

  • Games where cannibalism may exist unofficially, e.g. via modding, should be excluded from this game group.


There are some games where the context of cannibalism is unclear e.g. player may eat a wizard, that coincidentally looks human, though no additional information is provided by the game to explicitly identify cannibalism as a unique feature. In any event where a cannibalism feature is uncertain or unclear, it is preferable to not include such games in this game group.

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