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Games that feature torture as a gameplay element within the game, which may include the process of capturing lifeforms for the purposes of torture, managing a torture chamber, and finally the activity of torturing itself, which may unlock additional features for further manipulation.

The art of torturing in games may sometimes include a specified facility where the (un)willing participants will be designated (e.g. torture chamber), where within this facility may contains one or more tools and mechanisms for diverse methods of torturing. The purposes of torturing may include the possibility a unit changing alliances, to divulge information from a captured enemy spy, or at the very least for entertainment purposes, you mentally disturbed individual. A failed (or overly exciting) torture experiment may result in death or an extremely cranky prisoner.


  • This is not a torture-themed game group. The game must allow the player to optionally participate in torture-related activities (as an oppressor, accomplice, or compliant). Hence game where torture is only a theme, the protagonist is tortured in a cutscene, or any activity that is strictly limited to story with no option to otherwise actively participated in torture-related activities during the game should be excluded from the game group.

  • The act of torturing should be limited to any equivalent activity reasonably consistent with its original definition. Although it could be argued that a nagging spouse, bullying, and whatever status update people may whine about in the social media, may be considered as torture by first world problem standards, this is not primary intention of this game group.

  • Games that feature sadomasochism (BDSM) related activities should be excluded from this game group.

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