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Games that feature a targeting system that allows the player to aim at a specific part of the target. Some games with targeting systems may be limited to specified weaponry (e.g. only a missiles have a targeting system). There is no limitation on the nature of the target, it may be a biological life form, thus targeting anatomical parts (e.g. head, arms, torso, etc.) or a building, thus targeting structural parts (antennae, turrets, walls, etc.). Activating the targeting system will inform the player which part of the target is currently being aimed upon, this may also include the entire body/vehicle/structure as a whole or individual parts.

The purpose of targeting system is to selectively weaken the enemy target, as an individual part if disabled may have a specific end result:

Biological target(s)

  • Head (increased damaged or one shot kill).
  • Legs (decreased movement).
  • Arms/Hands (decreased enemy accuracy/weapon drops), etc.

Mechanical / vehicular target(s)

  • Antenna (decreased accuracy or detection).
  • Hull (increased structural damage).
  • Shield Generator (removes shields), etc.

Structural Target(s)

  • Power generator (cuts off power).
  • Turrets (disables offensive abilities), etc.

Historically, targeting systems was first introduced by the game Arctic Fox, where the player controlled vehicle could target parts of enemy vehicles and structures in real-time by scrolling through various parts of the target. This feature was reintroduced later in some science fiction flight simulators. The first instances of anatomical targeting was first introduced by the Fallout series.


  • A targeting system must be present and activated before aiming at a specific part of the target. Games where the target may have weaknesses or may be manually fired upon without activating a targeting system, such as games that have head shot abilities should be excluded from the game group.

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