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Star Ocean is a series of predominantly sci-fi-themed (with medieval fantasy elements) Japanese role-playing games developed by tri-Ace. The games are set in the same universe but are usually not directly related to each other story-wise and feature different casts of playable characters.

Although structurally they are traditional Japanese-style RPGs with largely linear progression and simple character-building mechanics, Star Ocean games feature action-based combat similar to that of Tales games. Some of the designers of Tales of Phantasia also worked on the first Star Ocean (1996), which was considered its spiritual follower.

Besides the action-oriented battles, Star Ocean games are distinguished by their item creation system (through alchemy, metalworking, cooking, and other means); the most powerful items in the games are usually those created by the player. Another notable recurrent gameplay element are the so-called "private actions". By choosing different dialogue responses, the player makes the protagonist interact with his or her companions, influencing their relationships (as friends or romantically) and ultimately branching the storyline and affecting the ending.

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