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Games based on NetHack source code. These include third-party versions ("variants") that may add new features and/or alter certain aspects of gameplay, and graphical user interfaces, which usually keep gameplay unchanged.

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Title Platforms Release Date
box cover thumbnail AllegroHack DOS 2000-06-23
box cover thumbnail NetHack Linux, DOS, Windows, Amiga, Atari ST, Macintosh, Browser, iPhone, Acorn 32-bit, PC-98, GP2X, Android, GP2X Wiz, GP32, OS/2, Windows Mobile 1987-07
box cover thumbnail NetHack 2000 Windows 1999-12-23
box cover thumbnail NetHack Plus DOS 1994-06
box cover thumbnail NetHack-- DOS 1992-12
box cover thumbnail NetHack: Falcon's Eye Windows 2000-10-16
box cover thumbnail NetHack: Legacy Macintosh, Linux, Windows 2018-08-10
box cover thumbnail SLASH DOS 1996-02-16