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Lunar is a series of Japanese-style role-playing games, best known for its first two installments, The Silver Star and Eternal Blue, as well as their remakes.

All the games in the series share a common setting, an inhabitable moon called Lunar or Silver Star, which circles around an Earth-like planet known as the Blue Star. The background story of the series includes legends from thousand years ago, when an evil being called Zophar corrupted the hearts of Blue Star's inhabitants, turning them into monsters. The benevolent goddess Althena rescued the survivors; since its was impossible to restore life on Blue Star, she transported them onto the moon, magically turning it into a planet suitable for living. Four dragons guard this world, and heroes called the Dragonmasters protect it from danger.

Gameplay-wise, Lunar games adhere to traditional Japanese RPG design philosophy, utilizing comparatively simple battle and character customization systems. The games focus on story development and characterization, as well as challenge in combat.

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