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Quest for Glory is a series of role-playing/adventure hybrids originally published and developed by Sierra.

The player takes on the role of a curly blond would-be hero, seeking fame and fortune in a fantasy world, imitating various countries and cultures, such as medieval Germany in Quest for Glory I: So You Want To Be A Hero, the Middle East in Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire, Africa in Quest for Glory III: Wages of War, Eastern Europe in Quest for Glory IV, and finally ancient Greece in Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire. Character may be imported from earlier versions to later versions of the game.


The gameplay in all the installments is a combination of traditional Sierra-style adventure and RPG. Visual style, navigation, and interface are identical to those of the adventure games that Sierra was developing parallel to the course of the series. Inventory-based puzzles, though less numerous, resembled the tasks introduced in other adventures. However, much of the gameplay's challenge also revolved around character development and combat. Battle systems in the series ranged from real-time fights, in which the player chose the desired actions (attacking, parrying, casting a spell, etc.), to side-scrolling action in the fourth game, and finally "hack-and-slash" action combat in the fifth.

Role-Playing System

The series originally introduced three classes: the Fighter, Magic-User, and the Thief. The character usually has to join a particular guild which in effect offers different plots in accordance to the class used by the player. In Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire the Paladin class was officially introduced and has since become the permanent fourth class. As expected in role-playing games, the character comes with a set of attributes and skills which may be increased by repeating certain actions. Many tasks and puzzles in the games can be solved in different ways, depending on the class the player has chosen.


The series was originally entitled Hero's Quest. Its name was consequently changed due to intellectual property concerns with an already existing board game: Hero Quest, also adapted into a computer game series.

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