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Delphine's two-part story wordlessly tells, in smooth rotoscoped polygon cinematics, of the tribulations of whiz kid physicist Lester Knight Chaykin in a strange and dangerous alien world found just on the other side of a fluke particle accelerator accident. Captured by alien humanoids and imprisoned with one, their joint escape attempt lays waste to significant portions of a fantastical otherworldly city, as this unlikely pair strives for revenge, justice and freedom. Some scenes and plot elements from the first game are built upon and revisited from his alien buddy's perspective in the second, as loose ends of a larger umbrella narrative are put to rest.

Many fans do not consider the contentious events contained in this sequel as part of the series canon. But contrary to popular belief, Éric Chahi, the original designer of Out of This World, was actually involved to some extent in the initial development of this game. Here's what the man has to say about it:

"The Mega CD version combined two games. On one hand, Another World with CD quality brand new music, made by Jean-François Freitas; and on the other hand, the sequel named Heart of the Alien. Interplay insisted in making the sequel in order to make the most of the CD-ROM medium's capabilities. After discussion, I agreed. Rather than making a chronological development related to the first story, I decided that redesigning the game from the alien point of view was excellent, and would make the player discover Another World with other eyes. I could already picture scenes where Lester would be in the background fighting guards, while the player would control the alien in the foreground and then join our first hero, help him, etc... The concept was good but, alas, neither the animations nor the game, entirely developed by Interplay, were up to the job. It was a flop."

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