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Tōhō (Touhou) is a series of games made mostly by ZUN - one person who works under the Team Shanghai Alice name. He collaborated with Twilight Frontier for several games. The series is set in a fantasy world based on Japanese mythology and faiths, such as Shintō and Buddhism. The action takes place in "Gensokyo", a land inhabited by various races like fairies, vampires, tengu, ghosts (most of them are yōkai - supernatural creatures in Japanese folklore). Almost all characters are girls. Reimu Hakurei (Miko) and Marisa Kirisame (magician) are the main heroines since they appear in most games, often as the main playable characters.

Most of the titles are vertically-scrolling shooters in the "Danmaku/bullet hell" style and 1 vs 1 fighting games (usually those with the number after the decimal point, like 7.5, 10.5 or 12.3). In addition to the canon games there are also artbooks, and audio CDs with music.

The series has a huge fanbase, and fans have created many fangames based on it in various genres: shmups, shooters, platforms, RPGs, strategy games, etc.

Tōhō is related to the Seihou series. ZUN helped to create it and shared characters from Tōhō.

Fangames can be found in the Tōhō (Touhou) fangames group.

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