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MobyGames - FAQ - General Usage

General Usage

Is there a fee for using MobyGames?

No, and we do not plan to in the future. However, if you or your company feel that MobyGames provides a service worth paying for (and who doesn't? ;-P ) then you're encouraged to learn about becoming a Patron for MobyGames - and help us keep the site hosted and improving! We, and the entire gaming community, will thank you for it.

Are cookies required to use MobyGames?

Cookies are not required until you log in with your user account. At that point, a single cookie will be set by MobyGames to keep track of you. By "keep track of you", we are not spying on you, collecting your browsing habits, or any of the other such cookie nonsense floating around the 'net. Instead, we are using cookies to make sure that you are who you say you are. This is prevent people from "hijacking" your MobyGames session or otherwise pose as you. And if you let your browser store the cookie, you give MobyGames the capability to automatically log you in, which saves you time.

What are some of the more advanced queries available on MobyGames?

Using the Browsing interface on the main page, you can browse for some pretty interesting and wacko combinations, like:

Nothing is hard-wired in our keyword-based system, so you're free to use your imagination.