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MobyGames - FAQ - User Accounts

User Accounts

What is a User Account and why would I want to create one?

A user account is an official "login" to MobyGames; by that, we mean that you have an identity known to MobyGames, which can be used for additional features and services. User accounts are completely free.

User accounts are not required to use MobyGames. However, you lose out on some extra features if you do. A user account gives you access to the contribution facility, where you can not only contribute to the MobyGames database and make it a better resource for everyone, but also get credit for your contributions. Each contribution you make--whether it be a screenshot, a box cover, or even a full game entry--will have your name attached to it.

There are other benefits to creating a user account, but the reasons listed above are the most relevant.

We respect our users' right for privacy, so you can configure your account to never give out your email address, never send you email from us, and display a nickname or handle instead of your real name. Also, feel free to check out our official Privacy Policy if you have additional questions on how we handle user information is handled.

What is a Contribution Rating?

A Contribution Rating is the little number in parenthesis that appears next to your name or handle whenever displayed, like this:

Jim Leonard (126)

It's a tally of how much you've contributed to MobyGames. We believe in giving credit where credit is due, so the Contribution Rating tells others just how helpful you've been. Whenever you contribute, you're given one or more "points".

Watching your contribution rating grow is our way of giving you the warm fuzzy feeling of helping us preserve the wonderful history of computer games.

Do you sell your user information to other parties?

Not currently. For specific details and terms, please consult our Privacy Policy.

What are nicknames for?

You can specify a nickname or handle to be displayed instead of your real name; some people prefer this over having their real name displayed next to their contribution or review. Nicknames are required to use Private Messages and must be unique.

What are Private Messages?

Private Messages is the ability for MobyGames' members to communicate with each other without having to exposure their personal email address. Private Messages are often used by contributors and approvers to communicate about a specific contribution or issue, MobyGames members wishing to take a forum thread private or to facilitate a game trade. Private Messages are provided free of charge to all MobyGames members.