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Email questions answered...

When will my submission be approved?

Items are approved by our volunteer approvers. Most everyone has a full time job and/or school, so they approve stuff when they get a chance to. Not every approver can approve for every platform. So some items will get approved faster than others. Please be patient as we want to have quality game entries and it takes time to go through and verify all the information submitted.

How do I add credits to my Rap Sheet?

Credit listings are generated by contributors like yourself. Credits are centered around a game and not a person. So if a game is listed on the site and no credits have been submitted for it then it means no one has submitted credits for that game yet and therefore, no credit will show-up in your personal Rap Sheet for that particular game. We do not have every game out there so we cannot input the credits. So until someone enters the credits for the games you worked on your Rap Sheet will not show your complete list.

Furthermore, if game you worked on is not listed on the site then of course that too needs to be submitted.

I need help with a game... not working, missing something...

MobyGames is not a game developer or a publisher. We do not provide any sort of help with games - sorry!

You can try to contact the makers of the game for help. To find the company that made the game go to the game's summary page and at the top you'll see Publisher and Developer. Click on either one of these and you'll be taken to the company's page on here. Click on the link to the company's official website and they should have some sort of support or contact information there.