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MobyGames - List of sites

MobyGames is made of several websites to help you focus on the systems that you are interested in. Below is complete a list of sites:
  • All Games ( is the primary site that has information about all platforms documented in MobyGames. This currently includes PC (Booters, Windows, DOS, Linux), PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, N64, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance and Dreamcast, SNES, Sega Genesis and the Atari Jaguar.

Computer Systems
    • Apple ][ ( is specific to the Apple ][ and Apple ][gs computer systems.
    • Atari ST ( is specific to the Atari ST computer system.
    • Amiga ( is specific to Amiga games..
    • C64 ( is specific to the Commdore 64 and 128 computer systems.
    Sinclair Research
    • ZX Spectrum ( is specific to ZX Spectrum games..

  • PC ( is specific to PC games. This site includes Windows, DOS, Linux and Booters platforms.

Console Systems
    • 3DO ( is specific to the 3DO console system.
    • 2600 ( is specific to the Atari 2600 originally named Atari Video Computer System.
    • 5200 ( is specific to the Atari 5200.
    • 7800 ( is specific to the Atari 7800.
    • Jaguar ( is specific to Atari's Jaguar system.
    • ColecoVision ( is specific to the ColecoVision system.
    General Consumer Electronics
    • Vectrex ( is specific to the Vectrex system.
    • Intellivision ( is specific to Mattel's Intellivision system.
    • Xbox ( is specific to Microsoft's Xbox system.
    • GameCube ( is specific to Nintendo's GameCube system.
    • N64 ( is specific to Nintendo's N64 system.
    • SNES ( is specific to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.
    • NES ( is specific to the Nintendo Entertainment System.
    • Dreamcast ( is specific to Sega's Dreamcast system.
    • Saturn ( is specific to Sega's Saturn system.
    • Sega CD ( is specific to Sega's CD system.
    • Sega 32X ( is specific to Sega's 32x system.
    • Genesis ( is specific to Sega's Genesis / MegaDrive system.
    • Sega Master ( is specific to the Sega Master System.
    • PlayStation 2 ( is specific to Sony's PS2 system.
    • PlayStation ( is specific to Sony's PlayStation (aka PSX and PS1).

HandHeld Systems
    • Lynx ( is specific to Atari's Handheld system, Lynx.
    • Gameboy ( is specific to all of Nintendo's Gameboy systems (GameBoy, GameBoy Color and GameBoy Advance).
    • N-Gage ( is specific to Nokia's N-Gage mobile phone and handheld gaming system.
    • GameGear ( is specific to Sega's GameGear handheld system.

Additionally, there is The MobyStore that allows you to purchase hardware and other non-software related items. And we have a Codes site ( that is dedicated to Cheats, Codes, Walkthroughs, Hint and Tips. This site allows you to get access to this information quicker than using one of the sites above.