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MobyGames Revealed


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MobyGames Revealed
I'm the coding force behind MobyGames. Moby is written entirely in perl. All of the data is stored in Postgresql, a great open-source database. My favorate programming languages are Objective C, Delphi and Perl. If paid enough, i'll do C, C++, Java, x86 Assembler but prefer not too. I rarely admit it (because I'm not old enough to have actually used these), but at one point I actually did some cobol and fortran programming. My primary development machines for MobyGames are a RedHat 7.3 box and a Macintosh running Jaguar. I actively use the following browsers during testing and development: Hopefully, whatever browser you are using, MobyGames works nicely for you. If there are pages that aren't rendering well for you, contact me and I'll do my best to get it right. </td></tr></table>