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Business Model

Versions Available

Minimum CPU Class Required

Minimum OS Class Required

Minimum Supported System

Supported Systems/Models

Supported UI Platform

Supported Kernels and Libraries

Supported Languages and Operating Systems


Memory Expansion Required

Minimum RAM Required

System Card

Minimum MSCDEX Required

Minimum DirectX Version Required

Drivers/APIs Supported

Media Type

Minimum CD-ROM Drive Speed Required

Minimum DVD-ROM Drive Speed Required

ROM Size on Cart

Minimum Video Memory Required

3D Graphics Cards / Accelerators Supported

Video Modes Supported

Screen Orientation

Video Resolutions Supported

Text Modes Supported

Color Depth

Screen Type

Sound Devices Supported

Sound Capabilities

Input Devices Required

Input Devices Supported

Controller Types Supported

Input Device Features Supported

Cameras Supported

Gamepads Supported

Light Guns Supported

Microphones Supported

Racing/Steering Wheels Supported

Xbox Kinect

Virtual Reality

Additional Hardware Required

Additional Hardware Supported

Printers Supported

Multiplayer Options

Multiplayer Game Modes

Number of Players Supported

Number of Offline Players

Number of Offline Players via Handheld Mode

Number of Offline Players via Multitap

Number of Offline Players via Tabletop Mode

Number of Offline Players via TV Mode

Number of Local Players via Bluetooth

Number of Local Players via Download Play (single game card)

Number of Local Players via e-Reader

Number of Local Players via Infrared

Number of Local Players via System Link / LAN Cable

Number of Local Players via Wi-Fi

Number of Online Players

Number of Players: Co-Op

Number of Players: Wireless Single-Card

Number of Players: Wireless Multi-Card

Amazon Alexa

Command Languages Supported

N-Gage Arena

PlayStation Network



Xbox/Windows Live

Nintendo Switch Online

Save Game Methods

Miscellaneous Attributes

Appropriate Ages

MacOS Sprockets