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Tags, Tags, and More Tags

The Good News: The use of MobyTags is way up, which enriches the database. Thanks to everyone!

The Bad News: MobyTags are being use incorrectly sometimes. The big problem is the "game" tag. This is the tag that lets you link directly to a game. People have been using "title" instead, which doesn't exist (but we said it did in the documentation so that's our fault -- doh!). We're going to be correcting all the "title" tags into "game" tags in the database to fix this, and also change the documentation later today, but keep this in mind if you don't read documentation. :-)

Also, a reminder that the "developer" tag is for people, not companies; for companies, use the "company" tag. We've seen this confused recently.

Don't get us wrong--we are delighted that people are taking the time to enhance the text they enter with MobyTags; we originally added them for our own benefit, but when we documented them in the style guide, they took off. Big thanks to everyone who uses them!

MobyTrivia: MobyTags were conceived when Jim wondered out loud how to show that Jon Freeman was married to Anne Westfall when you brought up either's Bio page, and Brian suggested them as a concept.
Submitted by Trixter (9123) on Jan 10, 2000