PETA vs. Mama
Aggressive animal rights group PETA recently released the Flash-based parody Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals of the Cooking Mama series of games on its website. The objective of the game is to prepare a turkey for Thanksgiving by doing the whole process of plucking its feathers and removing its intestines. This gruesome game can be played here.

A post in PETA's official blog explains why they do it: "If you're wondering why we're picking on poor Mama, it's probably because you've never played the original games. They are so heavy on dishes made from dead animals that the only things missing are the blood and the slaughterhouse. So in the name of accuracy and honesty, PETA decided to introduce a little horror into Mama's kitchen!"

Majesco, the publisher of the Cooking Mama games, responded with a post on its site: "Food lover and culinary cutie Cooking Mama is a virtual chef who believes that good home cooked food, properly prepared from the best ingredients, can bring people together around the table and make the world a happier place. That's why Mama is taking a stand with oven mitts raised high against the latest PETA objection targeting her freshly released videogame, Cooking Mama World Kitchen.
Submitted by Macs Black (80155) on Nov 24, 200869 comments