MobyGames News
We rolled out a new codebase today that fixes minor bugs, changes the sort order of some reports, etc.

One new addition to the database, however, is alternate titles. For example, most non-North American countries know the game "Out Of This World" as "Another World", so we added the ability to contribute that information. You can not only see alternate titles displayed on the main Rap Sheet for a game, but you can also do searches for them. You can even reference alternate titles in mobytags. For typical examples of alternate titles, check out King's Quest or Out Of This World. For a particularly extreme example, check out Firehawk -- you can thank Sierra's and Game Art's marketing campaign for that fiasco. :-)

New alternate titles can be contributed by going to that game entry's Rap Sheet and selecting Contribute, then Alternate Titles.
Submitted by Trixter (9123) on Jan 18, 2000