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MobyGames News
One of the lesser known features of MobyGames is that you can contribute historical events for companies. Fellow MobyGamer Jason Walker just submitted a wealth of historical information for Eidos. Let's not forget to document company information also.

A piece of Trivia for you, Jason is credited with more games (48) than any other person in Moby (beating out Ken Williams by one.
Submitted by Brian Hirt (10021) on Jan 30, 2002
MobyGames News
With the approval of the game entry Vaxine, ClydeFrog has become the first person to contribute a game for every letter of the alphabet. Only he knows what mystic wisdom has been revealed now that the secret alphabet quest has been successfully completed.
Submitted by nullnullnull (1491) on Jan 26, 2002
MobyGames News
We're rolled out a new release, here's a summary of the changes.

  • Game Hints are now clasified as either 'General Hints/Tips', 'Walkthroughs', and 'Cheats'. The interface for game hints has also been improved, to help you find the information you need. See Starlancer for an example.

  • Release information; including developers, publishers and dates are now grouped together so it's clear which companies were involved with which version of a game. Additionally, only release information for the first published version of a game is displayed on the games summary (next to the cover cover-art). See Tonk Hawk 2 for a good example of this in action.

  • One of the most common questions we get in email is "Where do I find the old game 'fill in the blank'?". Now there is a link directly to eBay's search from a game rap-sheet for older games such as the classic Sim City.

  • A new step has been added to the end of the New Game Wizard that allows you to contribute game items that you were prevented from adding while setting up a new game. You no longer have to wait until the game is approved to submit more information.

  • The Genre Rap-Sheet has been enhanced to give you more information about a particular genre, and the games that are part of that genre. See the Simulation Genre for an example of the updated page.

  • Past News has been updated to allow browsing through past news items posted on Moby by month and year instead of displaying every single news item posted since MobyGames started back an 1-Mar-1999. We're coming up on our 3rd anniversery.

  • In addition to the items listed above, there several other minor changes and bug fixes not worth mentioning here.

  • The ad serving has been updated to take advantage of features in IE that will allow the MobyGames pages to load before the ads load. There should be no more hanging while the top banner ad loads.
  • Submitted by Brian Hirt (10021) on Jan 23, 2002
    MobyGames News
    Surgery is behind me. Man that was awful. I am recovering quickly and I now have a steel plate and a bunch of screws holding my radius together in my right arm. Typing is a drag, but things are definately better than they were a couple days ago.
    Submitted by nullnullnull (1491) on Jan 19, 2002
    MobyGames News
    Well, I'm back from vacation and have a lot more time to spend on Moby. The holidays just zoomed by. There are some changes in the pipeline which should be coming out soon.

    In other news, Dave is getting surgery on his arm and getting it set and cast today. Let's hope he has a speedy recovery so he does'n miss out on his next snowboarding trip.
    Submitted by Brian Hirt (10021) on Jan 16, 2002
    MobyGames News
    I head back to NYC tomorrow which means vacation is over. Good thing since I broke my arm boarding today. Going to have to get used to typing with one hand.
    Submitted by nullnullnull (1491) on Jan 12, 2002
    MobyGames News
    Believe it or not we are doing work in between snowboarding and playing video games. There are some great new enhancements in the works. Brian has figured out a way to prevent ads from hanging up page views. It has been a real irritant that problems at one of our ad networks can make Moby pages load slowly or not at all. We've also made it a little easier for people to purchase older and out of print games. Lastly we have purchased a lot of new server hardware to increase capacity. Well ... off to the slopes.
    Submitted by nullnullnull (1491) on Jan 10, 2002
    MobyGames News
    Well I hope everyone had a good New Years. We did. I am still on vacation. Doing a little snowboarding in Telluride. Conditions are pretty good and there are no lines to speak of. Hope you all are having as much fun as I am.
    Submitted by nullnullnull (1491) on Jan 06, 2002
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