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MobyGames News
Brian pushed a new release. Fixed some bugs and added some nice features to the approval system.
Submitted by nullnullnull (1491) on Jan 27, 2004
MobyGames News
MobyGames is looking for approvers. To become an approver you need a track record of contributing high quality submissions, deep knowledge of a specific platform, a MobyScore of over 1000, a willingness to spend the time and effort to research incoming submissions and a good relationship with an existing MobyGames approver where they will vouch for you. Click here to apply.
Submitted by nullnullnull (1491) on Jan 25, 2004
MobyGames News
goldbulletx is MobyGames latest donating members. We really appreciate the support. The harsh reality is that this project costs us money to run. If you feel you can afford to help defray some of our costs, a $5 donation would be most helpful. If you make a contribution, you will receive a bronze star ( ) next to your name so that all MobyGames users know you are a contributing member.
Submitted by nullnullnull (1491) on Jan 21, 2004
MobyGames News
New feature article, again by Marc Isaacson on the rise to power of Nintendo's Game Boy. In a world where the N-gage has so much going for it and yet so many flaws, it's a good read for the new year.
Submitted by Trixter (9116) on Jan 07, 2004
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