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Leipzig Games Convention no more, now GC Online
Since 2002, the Games Convention in Leipzig has rapidly grown from a local German event to one of the largest gaming events in the world in 2008. The Games Convention of 2009, however, which was scheduled for 20 to 23 August, will not be held. In part due to the competition of the Gamescom event that is to be held at exactly the same dates in Cologne. Because the BIU, a large cooperation of German developers and publishers had announced they would be exhibiting in Cologne rather than Leipzig, there would be too few exhibitors and visitors in Leipzig.

At the same press conference, the Leipziger Messe announced a new fair: Games Convention Online. From 31 July to 2 August a trade show specialising in browser, client and mobile games will be held instead.

As with the Games Convention, there will be separate areas for the trade and professional public and for gamers. In addition there will be online events so that millions of gamers worldwide can take part.
Submitted by PolloDiablo (16872) on Jan 30, 20092 comments
Uwe Boll to receive lifetime dishonor by the Razzies
Uwe Boll, the German director infamous for his film adaptations of video game titles, is set to receive the Worst Career Achievement award at this year's Golden Raspberry Awards.

One of his recent works, In The Name of the King, based on Dungeon Siege, is also running for Worst Picture, Worst Director, Worst Suporting Actor (Burt Reynolds), Worst Supporting Actress (Leelee Sobieski), Worst Screenplay (by Doug Taylor) and Worst Screen Couple (Uwe Boll and any actor, camera or screenplay).

The previous recipient of the award was Bruce, the mechanic shark of the Jaws movie series, in 1987.
Submitted by Macs Black (80138) on Jan 27, 200916 comments
joyvalley hits 20,000
This seems to be a great year of contributions here in MobyGames. We just had our first 100,000 points contributor and even before January ends another contributor has reached a remarkable milestone. Our German contributor joyvalley just broke the 20,000 points barrier and is almost with 21,000 points already! The reason for growing on points so fast is his huge amount of cover submissions, one of our best paid contributions in the site (3 points each). Congratulations, joyvalley!
Submitted by chirinea (46992) on Jan 22, 200919 comments
DSi Ware game download service opens in Japan
Nintendo has opened a new DSi Ware game download service in Japan on Christmas eve 2008. On the opening day you could download a game called Moving Memory Book which allows you to do notes and comic book strips with the DSi's camera. You can also download games like A Little Dr. Mario, Paper Airplane and Utsusu Made in Wario which cost 200 to 500 Nintendo points each. All games available on the opening day are made by Nintendo.
Submitted by Picard (45667) on Jan 18, 20092 comments
100,000 points
An so the day has come. The day when a MobyUser finally broke the 5 digit barrier. Sciere just broke into the 100,000 points in the same year MobyGames completes 10 years of existence. This is no small feat, we all know that. Here's what some of our members said about Sciere and his amazing achievement (in no particular order)...
Submitted by chirinea (46992) on Jan 11, 200936 comments
PlayStation 2 Most Played Console of 2008
Despite being well into the next generation of consoles, according to Nielsen the PS2 remained the most played console of 2008. Following the PS2 are:
  • 2. Xbox 360
  • 3. Wii
  • 4. Xbox
  • 5. PlayStation 3
  • 6. GameCube
Nielsen: Trend Index: 2008 Year-End Summary
Slashdot article
Submitted by GAMEBOY COLOR! (2002) on Jan 10, 20098 comments
Jeanne's 50,000
What can we say about Jeanne? Just being the most active approver in MobyGames last year would say much about her, but she also finds time to contribute lots of info for our site, including reviews! And now she just became the 7th person in our history to achieve 50,000 points. As Kit Silva once said about her, "there are very few approvers who put in as much work as she does, and she constantly spends ages approving items the rest of us won't touch. For that alone she deserves thanks". And that's why we are here now, to thank you, Jeanne, for your awesome work to this website!
Submitted by chirinea (46992) on Jan 08, 200923 comments
UGO buys out 1UP, closes EGM
Ziff Davis Media has confirmed the selling of,,, and to Hearst's UGO Entertainment. With this transaction, Ziff Davis Media's Electronic Gaming Monthly Magazine will be closed down. EGM began with its first issue in 1989 with its last issue being January 2009.

Full Story
Submitted by coenak (3607) on Jan 08, 200916 comments
Top New MobyUsers!
To the new 2008 MobyUsers that have made it to ...
The 2008 Top Contributors Hall of Fame:

  • Kyler.ural. Ukrainian member since Feb 26, 2008 with 2581 points;
  • Jenny Bee. German member since May 10, 2008 with 2414 points;
  • SimonG. German member since Jan 26, 2008 with 2168 points;
  • airshark. U.K. member since Jul 23, 2008 with 1961 points.

    The MG 2007 Hall of Fame consist of:

    12 Americans (-1);
    8 Germans (+1);
    5 Swedes (+3);
    3 Brazilians (0);
    3 Brits (+1);
    3 Russians (+1);
    2 Belgians (+1);
    2 Canadians (-5)
    2 Dutch (0);
    2 Poles (0);
    1 Australian (-1);
    1 Greek (0);
    1 Mexican (+1)
    1 Ukrainian(0);

    One Argentinian, Czech, Israeli, Portuguese, unidentified from the 2007 list, demoted. Still no Indonesians, Klingons or supermodels.

    Top #1 Game Contributors 2008:

  • New Game Entries: Big John WV submitted 335 games and their descriptions;
  • New Game Credits: Sicarius submitted 117 credit entries;
  • New Game Cover Art: joyvalley submitted 3970 cover art;
  • New Game Screenshots: Macs Black submitted 4550 screenshots;
  • New Game Reviews: vicrabb submitted 39 reviews;
  • New Game Trivia Items: PCGamer77 submitted 183 trivia;
  • New Game Alternate Titles: Klaster_1 submitted 611 titles;
  • New Game Attributes: joyvalley submitted 1378 tech info/rating system;
  • New Game Hints: James Evans submitted 24 hints;
  • New Company Release Info: Sciere submitted 6042 release info;
  • New Game Release Info : Klaster_1 submitted 1153 release info;
  • New Game Product Codes: Jeanne submitted 1724 codes;
  • New Game Ratings: Kaminari submitted 434 ratings;
  • New Game Ad Blurbs: DreinIX submitted 594 ad blurbs;
  • New Game Related Websites: DreinIX submitted 1222 sites;
  • New Game Corrections: Kabushi submitted 457 corrections;
  • New Game Overlays: ImagicFan submitted 5 overlays ;
  • New MobyRanks: Wizo submitted 28337 MobyRanks.

    Additional info: 4 confirmed females; 46 unconfirmed males (half of which are wanted for spamming and trolling :p); 20 approvers; 2 admins, 9 gold star members and one suspected unlicensed gigolo.

    Expect a 20% error margin since the contributor can't count very well, has serious memory issues and apparently no life. :p
  • Submitted by Indra was here (20862) on Jan 01, 200912 comments
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