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New game platform: (original) Kindle
We're continuing to launch new formats we missed, and after blasting off on Arcade, and a good start for the Ouya (already quite a few games in there!), we're continuing by adding games for Amazon's Kindle e-reader. You should now be able to select 'Kindle' as an option when adding.

[But a very important note. This is for the games for the original Kindle reader featured here and not for Kindle Fire. Kindle Fire is simply an Android device which doesn't have many/any exclusive titles, so you can add Kindle Fire App Store games, but add them as Android.]
Submitted by Simon Carless (1851) on Jan 30, 20144 comments
Weekly Mini-Whale Jan. 26th - Top 5 updates!
A quick update for this week, discussing planned new formats, a PC/Steam game adding drive coming up soon, and lots more - info right here.
Submitted by Simon Carless (1851) on Jan 27, 20140 comments
New platform - Ouya!
Following the adding of the arcade platform, we're trying to add a number of other missing game platforms - starting with the Ouya. This Android-based game console has a number of phone/tablet conversions, but also quite a few original games - go ahead and contribute Ouya titles to our database today!
Submitted by Simon Carless (1851) on Jan 27, 20143 comments
Arcade platform now added to MobyGames!
We are now _officially_ rolling out the arcade game format for MobyGames contributions - both adding arcade to existing platforms (there's quite a lot of that to be done!) and also adding brand-new arcade only games. This has been a long time coming, and congrats to everyone who lobbied for it - we're going to make it work! List of games so far is right here, forum thread for discussion and issues is here - go for it!
Submitted by Simon Carless (1851) on Jan 22, 20145 comments
Weekly Whale, Jan. 19 - Local, Xena, Rayman!
It's tiiime - our weekly update, ft. Zelda-clone Xena games, Rayman endless runners, and some progress in getting MobyGames ready for code changes, is up right here.
Submitted by Simon Carless (1851) on Jan 21, 20140 comments
Metacritic analysis from previous MobyGames analyzer.
The XeNTaX Foundation released the next chapter in the Quantify Me series: Metacritic. [The site has previously done an analysis of the CSDb first (CSDb: Quantify Me) in July 2010 and then this very site, Mobygames (Mobygames: Quantify Me) at the end of December 2012.]
Submitted by Mike Zuurman (1) on Jan 21, 20140 comments
The Weekly Whale - MobyGames Site News, Week of Jan. 12th
And we're back again with the third MobyGames weekly newsletter updates, featuring Trek, Battle Chess, Lego Island, MAT, DOTA 2, and a sneaky preannounce on arcade as a MobyGames format - check it out right here.
Submitted by Simon Carless (1851) on Jan 12, 20140 comments
PlayStation games to go platform free.
Unveiled at CES 2014 and called PlayStation Now, it will allow gamers to play PlayStation games on other PlayStation models, tablets, phones and even TVs with Sony's upcoming 'smart TVs' being the first to offer the service.

It works by streaming games from its library directly to a device from Sony's online servers. Games being demoed at CES include Beyond: Two Souls and The Last of Us, but there's no word on how much of the PlayStation back catalog will be offered at launch.

Sony is due to start restricted tests later this month, with launch aimed at this coming summer.
Submitted by havoc of smeg (22206) on Jan 09, 20144 comments
The Weekly Whale - MobyGames Site News, Week of Jan. 5th
Right on time, here's the second of the MobyGames weekly newsletter updates, featuring Fred VT, Raido.Jotaro, The Adventures Of Tokyo Disney Sea, 'Game Stats 2013', and some 'most wanted' games - check it out right here.
Submitted by Simon Carless (1851) on Jan 06, 20141 comments
Happy 2014! New MobyGames database milestones!
Thanks to all of the regular MobyGames contributors - and anyone who's helped us out in 2013 - as we move into a new year, revitalized and reborn (!)

According to the MobyGames Stats page we've just hit 76,000 'games' (SKUs!), 240,000 pieces of cover-related art and 560,000* screenshots (!!)

[Well, it says 559,975 but we just approved 30 shots from the insane-o Lane Mastodon, so we're there :P]

Good luck and good health to everyone in 2014!
Submitted by Simon Carless (1851) on Jan 01, 20142 comments
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