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Call of Duty 4 causes teen to run away from home.
After an argument with his parents over his "obsession" with the Xbox 360 game Call of Duty 4; Barrie, Ontario teen Brandon Crisp left his home on October 13th 2008. The fifteen year old Canadian had been suffering from failing grades at school and had been spending all his time on the game. After asking for directions to a nearby semi-rural area Brandon left his home and hasn't been heard from since. His mountain bike, which he used to travel, was found in a ditch a few days later and confirmed by police to be his. Hoping that the teen may be staying with a friend he met online his parents and police are naturally fearful that he may have instead met an online predator and been lured away. A $10,000 reward has been offered to information leading to his location.
Submitted by Depeche Mike (17555) on Oct 23, 200841 comments
Max Payne movie #1
The big screen adaptation of Max Payne, which stars Mark Wahlberg, took the box office by storm, taking #1, pulling in $18 million, and surprising critics who panned the movie. The movie only took $35 million to produce which begs the question, "Will there be a sequel?".

What are your thoughts on this adaptation?
Submitted by Big John WV (27209) on Oct 20, 200816 comments
LittleBigPlanet is recalled
It appears some of the background music in LittleBigPlanet contains lyrics that can be found in the Qu'ran, prompting Sony to recall both the U.S. and European releases of its flagship title. An official statement from SCEE states:

"During the review process prior to the release of LittleBigPlanet, it has been brought to our attention that one of the background music tracks licensed from a record label for use in the game contains two expressions that can be found in the Qur'an. We have taken immediate action to rectify this and we sincerely apologise for any offence that this may have caused.".

There is also a statement from Patrick Seybold, SCEA's Director of Corporate Communications & Social Media which states:

"We will begin shipping LittleBigPlanet to retail in North America the week of October 27th. Sorry for the delay, and rest assured, we are doing everything we can to get LittleBigPlanet to you as soon as possible.".

All this info can be found on an article from GameSpy.
Submitted by Big John WV (27209) on Oct 18, 200826 comments
SoulCalibur IV fans can now play as Vader and Yoda! (For a small fee.)
Well it looks like SoulCalibur fans have finally gotten their wish and complaints heard. Namco Bandai has announced that as of October 23, players in Japan will be able to download either the Dark Lord or the Little Green Guy for their respective system. As of now the downloads are only for Japan, but more than likely it will be available from the American and European market as well.
Submitted by Big John WV (27209) on Oct 18, 20085 comments
Far Cry 2 DRM uncovered
Just days before Far Cry 2 is released, Ubisoft has revealed the game's DRM (Digital Rights Management). According to Ubi's UK Community manager:
  • The game can have up to five activations on three separate PCs.
  • Uninstalling the game causes the activation to be refunded (known as a "revoke"), and as long as you complete a proper uninstall, the game can be installed an unlimited number of times on three systems.
  • You are free to upgrade your computer an unlimited number of times (using Ubi's revoke system).
  • Additional activations can be provided.
FC2 hits shelves in North America on October 21 with Europe to follow three days later.
Submitted by Katakis | カタキス (42793) on Oct 17, 20086 comments
Says Kotaku ...

The freshly-released PS3 version of BioShock has a little treat tucked away within; it (seemingly) includes the first trailer for BioShock 2. Watch it above (though be warned, it's in s-s-s-s-s-hhhaky cam). If legit, the game's called BioShock 2: Sea Of Dreams, and if we were forced to give our $0.02 worth, we'd say that little sister doesn't look so little anymore. We'll no doubt see a better quality version of this sometime soon (or can at least confirm this is real, since there's always an element of doubt when it comes to s-s-s-s-haky cams); we'll update when we do
Video, of course, is included up there.
Submitted by Slug Camargo (589) on Oct 17, 20088 comments
Servo reaches 50,000
Once the top contributor of all time (the third in MobyGames' history, back in 2003, dethroned by Corn Popper in 2005), our US based approver Servo just became the 6th person in our history to break the unbelievable mark of 50,000 points. Servo is well known among the MG regulars for his huge collection of games (granting him the 2nd place in cover contributions) and his technical expertise. What he isn't much know for are his cool MobyGames' wallpapers.

Congratulations, Tom, and thanks for the amazing job you've been doing all these years!
Submitted by chirinea (46992) on Oct 15, 200819 comments
The OFLC strikes again
The latest installment in the Silent Hill series, Homecoming, has been refused a rating by the OFLC due to excessive violence, meaning that it has failed the requirements for any of the Australian game ratings. In its current form, a game is banned outright if it fails the requirements for any of the Australian ratings, which only go up to MA15+.

Unfortunately, this is due to the fact that Australia does not have a adults-only rating and that the censors still think that only children play video games. The only way that the game can legally be sold is if the distributors submit a crippled version of the game that has the offending content removed. But even if it gets released in Australia, this would not stop people from importing the game or resorting to piracy.

Submitted by Katakis | カタキス (42793) on Oct 04, 200822 comments
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