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atari breakout
V.Flash Goal Complete, Next Up: Browser
Special thanks to Kayburt for making quick work of the V.Flash goal! We now all of its games listed, though still in need of credits, covers and screenshots to fill them out.

Next up, a big goal to reach 5,000 browser games. With an emphasis on games made in flash, as Adobe is deprecating that on December 31st. After that it'll be more difficult to document flash games as 3rd party plugins will need to be installed, and flash portals are more likely to shut down.

Recommended sources: Kongregate, Armor Games, Not Doppler. Newgrounds is also good, though they have their own plugin and less likely to disappear.

Thanks in advance to all contributors, and let's see how quickly we can get to 5k!
Submitted by MobyReed (83) on Oct 15, 202036 comments
Arcade MobyGoal Complete!
Thanks to everyone who helped reach our goal of documenting 2,800 Arcade games! That was a big one. Whew.

And with that we're kicking off a new goal. A much smaller one, for a platform called V.Flash - an educational video game console that only had 10 games released. So the goal is to get the platform to 100% completion.
Submitted by MobyReed (83) on Oct 08, 202011 comments
atari missile command