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All PC-FX is belong to us!
PC-FX was NEC's Japan-only console; the first games for it were released in the late 1994, the last in 1998. It sold very poorly and was heavily criticized for abundance of licensed anime titles with limited gameplay. Nevertheless, it is still dear to some anime-loving gamers, mainly thanks to beautiful anime-style FMVs in its games, but also because of some rare exclusive quality titles (such as for example Team Innocent).

I'm proud to announce than the entire PC-FX library (61 games) is now documented on MobyGames. The one "missing" entry is Anime Freak Vol. 4; however, this peculiar "magazine on CD" does not contain, unlike other installments of this series, any games.

I would like to thank the approvers (especially Servo) for the fast and flawless approval process that made adding all those games a pleasure for me.

I also thank the creators of Magic Engine FX, the outstanding PC-FX emulator.

I have submitted game entries and captured screenshots for most of the games (unfortunately, a few titles do not work with the current version of the emulator). What is severely lacking are PC-FX covers; only a few games in the database have them. PC-FX collectors of all countries, unite! We need more covers! :)
Submitted by Unicorn Lynx (181446) on Nov 25, 200936 comments
Patrick Bregger reaches 10,000 MobyPoints!
Analytically browsing through German games magazines, Patrick Bregger has managed to add almost 500 games in the 8 months he's been registered at the site. Not to mention a great number of MobyRanks, credits and trivia.

Props! And keep up the good work.
Submitted by vedder (57223) on Nov 22, 200915 comments
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