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The Hall of Belated Fame: POMAH
I recently scanned through the Top50 list and noticed that we neglected a real front page celebration item for Ukrainian contributor POMAH when he scored 20,000 points, because the edits of approved news won't show up on the front page.

So here goes, cause late is almost always better than never: :o)

Roughly ten and a half months ago, Ukrainian contributor POMAH added another 10K contribution points to his belt, lonely but fiercely waving the flag of his home country in the Top50 in the process. And while this guy may be able to tell some very interesting stories about the former Soviet Union, his contribution profile tells just one story: That of a very valuable member of this community who contributes all over the place. Just giving a few examples, he currently holds the all-time #14 spot for new game additions and screen shots alike, but also ranks #6 for developer portraits and #11 for developer corrections. And just as I did with Kyler.ural, I urge POMAH to recruit his fellow gamers to join us, because there's so many games developed in Russian-speaking countries, and I suspect that many of those never see an outside release.

Submitted by MZ per X (3018) on Nov 22, 20107 comments
Milestone Celebration: Sciere, ALAKA, DJ Squarewave
The next batch of MobyHeroes™ walks down the achievement line. And the rest of us shall celebrate.

What can be said about Belgian admin Sciere, that hasn't been said before? How to fill two, three or four celebration news items for him each year? How to summarize what he achieved for this site? I don't really know, but what I know is that he broke 140,000.00 points recently, and we all wish he'll be around here for a long time to come.

US-American contributor ALAKA recently finished his campaign for breaking into the 20K points achievers, securing this feat as the 29th member ever by a hair's breadth. When looking through his contribution profile, one can see close to 70% of his points were scored in making the database more colorful (screen shots), and the remaining above 30% are beautifully divided among everything else. What catches the eye are seven contributed scans of these wonderful gaming artifacts known as overlays, and ALAKA even wrote one lonely review back in 2008 which stands at a helpful rating of 100%. =)

And as the last man of the new US-American Triumvirate that is slowly but steadily chasing the Top 6 US contributors up there, DJ Squarewave tackled the 20K points barrier as the 30th contributor ever recently. The most notable thing about him - besides his auto-diagnosis as achievement whore - is certainly the fact that he is studying Japanese, making him one of few contributors able to do serious grass-roots work in this - to Westerners - highly obscure field of gaming. And looking through his profile, he's not only able to do this, he's actually doing it by adding Japanese-only games, transliterating Japanese credits, and so forth. Finally, it must be noted that DJ Squarewave wrote double as much reviews as ALAKA did, yet all of them stand at 100% helpful. (o:

Hats off, guys, and keep those points coming!
Submitted by MZ per X (3018) on Nov 21, 201010 comments
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