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MobyGames News
Well if you have noticed the approvals have been coming kinda slow lately ... er ... I have been in Hawaii for the last week or so. Getting in a little surfing and working on my tan has been somewhat of a priority. I leave tomorrow for Colorado. Brian and I will be brainstorming and furiously working on Moby ( in between snowboarding of course ).
Submitted by nullnullnull (1491) on Dec 28, 2001
MobyGames News
Merry Christmas everyone.
Submitted by nullnullnull (1491) on Dec 26, 2001
MobyGames News
The original creators of the "Tex Murphy" series of games are trying to generate enough interest in Tex so that they can do another game. Thus, they have created the "Tex Murphy Radio Theater". The radio shows are done in bi-weekly installments. Along with the radio shows they have included a petition to Microsoft for a another tex game to be made.

The site is at and any true Tex fan should definitely check it out. (For one thing, the radio programs continue the blatant cliffhanger at the end of the last game!)
Submitted by Trixter (9116) on Dec 17, 2001
MobyGames News
Well. We had a couple of technical problems yesterday. Our router deciced to take a nap. It's not really a huge issue since the thing had been up for over 240 days and it probably needed a soft restart.
Submitted by nullnullnull (1491) on Dec 13, 2001
MobyGames News
We've added the ability to add GameCube games to Moby. You can use the Game Wizard to add new GameCube games. Also, is now officially up and running. This site is restricted to only Xbox games.
Submitted by Brian Hirt (10021) on Dec 11, 2001
MobyGames News
We started serving up FocusIN ads ( again ). We stopped last time because 1 in 10 ads were pop ups. There is nothing that would leave us to believe this is still no longer the case. However we are only serving up the FocusIN ads a very small percentage of the time and it's only being served to Moby guest users. So now there is an even better reason to sign up for a Moby account ..... NO POP UPS!!! Even if you don't there should be less than one pop up per 100 page views.
Submitted by nullnullnull (1491) on Dec 04, 2001
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