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Is it Art?
2008 E.M. Forster Prize winner John Lanchester tackles the difficult relationship between games and art in the London Review, approaching the subject from different angles.

There is no other medium that produces so pure a cultural segregation as video games, so clean-cut a division between the audience and the non-audience. Books, films, TV, dance, theatre, music, painting, photography, sculpture, all have publics which either are or aren’t interested in them, but at least know that these forms exist, that things happen in them in which people who are interested in them are interested. They are all part of our current cultural discourse. Video games aren’t. Video games have people who play them, and a wider public for whom they simply don’t exist. (The exceptions come in the form of occasional tabloid horror stories, always about a disturbed youth who was ‘inspired’ to do something terrible by a video game.) Their invisibility is interesting in itself, and also allows interesting things to happen in games under the cultural radar.

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Submitted by Sciere (772081) on Dec 28, 20086 comments
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas to all our fans... you guys are the ones that make the site so great. Thanks for all the hard work all of you have done to the site.

Spread the word about site to those that enjoy video games. If you happen to have a Facebook page consider supporting MobyGames by becoming a fan of the site here...
Submitted by Corn Popper (68960) on Dec 25, 200819 comments
Black Mesa Source - The Trailers
By now I guess everyone heard about Black Mesa; the full-fledged remake of the original Half-Life with all the power and beauty of the Source engine.

Well, this has been on the making for quite a while now, but at least the developers were constantly keeping us posted via blog posts and screenshots and whatnot, so we didn't believe the project went down the drain or something.

A few days ago, they finally released the very first proper trailer for the game. To be honest, I was in expecting another showcase of empty locations... and boy was I wrong. To cut it short, seeing so much sweet, sweet live action caused my socks to blow right out the window. And the window wasn't even open.

How is it that Valve hasn't signed these guys for their sweatshop already, escapes me. I mean, if these kids put as much effort on the rest of the game as they did on the silo tentacle scene alone (you'll know what I mean once you've seen it), Half-Life 2: Episode Two might be in serious danger of being overshadowed by this. Which would be an irony of universe-imploding proportions, I guess.

Enough babbling, then, go watch the trailer. It's definitely worth your precious couple seconds.
Submitted by Slug Camargo (589) on Dec 25, 20087 comments
Kabushi hits 40,000
Kabushi, one of the most active contributors to the site, has just hit 40,000 points in five years and five days after first joining the site. This tremendous achievement is largely due to his work with release info items and an endless amount of corrections where he manages to locate the correct development studio for often obscure games. Another vast area where he lends his expertise in the credits section, with no less than 1174 individual credit listings, which makes up for more than 17,000 points alone. He is also the most active Swedish contributor and currently holds the eighth place on the overall ranking.

Congratulations, and to many years to come!
Submitted by Sciere (772081) on Dec 02, 200815 comments
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