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atari saboteur
Unicorn Lynx breaks 100,000
On 24th April 2001 MobyGames was still in its infancy, but it was the date when Unicorn Lynx, JazzOleg or most recently known as חד-קרן•山猫 joined the site. Through the years he has been on the forefront of everything Japanese, Chinese and RPG-related here, furiously expanding the site’s reach from a Western approach to the hidden secrets of the East, carefully documenting titles in languages most of us know nothing about, but vital as the roots of many modern games. Today, he just broke 100,000 points, a token of his dedication the past nine years. Many of you know him well for his extensive reviews cited in publications, or articles such as Leveling Down: The Story of Hentai RPGs or The World of Asian RPGs.

Many of you also got to know him as very outspoken, passionate and political in the forums, putting so much energy in his beliefs and arguments that he sometimes just had to take a break after a hefty discussion. And even though few of us have met him in person, he feels close and we can all conjure up a vivid image of him, sharing his passion as a talented jazz pianist as well as the many ups and downs in his personal life we got to know about.

If MobyGames is like a little sister you constantly reproach for not growing up, you can also be glad to have raised her to what she is now, and Unicorn’s digital footprint of years of hard work was a defining influence. Oleg, whatever happens here in the near future, we stand back in awe and salute you.
Submitted by Sciere (772091) on Dec 13, 201021 comments
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