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Site Updates (Dec 27th)
There have been a few updates, since our last announcement. The biggest change is that we've fully rebuilt our search index, which should be especially helpful for users entering credits. This is a followup to NĂ©lio's prior work on search, so thanks to him for the improvement.

A more complete listing of the changes:
  • Allow https URLs in submissions
  • Fixed reported issues with company pages
  • Fixed display of certain informational pages
  • Added link to critic review browser on games' review subpages
  • Display date on critic reviews
  • Fixed broken link when adding games to user Have Lists
  • Added extra character mappings for search and re-indexed
  • Make forum posts reject empty subjects, plus a few other fixes
  • Admin and approver fixes
Going forward, we'll try to keep the changelog up to date, so watch that page for changes as they happen.
Submitted by Tracy Poff (2062) on Dec 27, 20157 comments
Happy Holidays to you all!
We just wanted to wish all MobyGames readers, contributors, funders, and helpers a very, very Merry Christmas - and a Happy New Year to come!

For anyone paying attention, we already have 49 contributors with at least 1000 MobyPoints in 2015, compared to just 39 in 2013 (and 53 in 2014!) - so it looks to have been another super-productive year for all of you in documenting credits, screenshots, and games from throughout video game history. Roll on 2016!
Submitted by Simon Carless (1851) on Dec 25, 20153 comments
Milestones - Piltdown Man, Rainier S, Jean-Louis!
Just a quick post to call out some milestones for some dedicated contributors and offer them some much-deserved kudos.

Firstly, the methodical and dedicated Piltdown Man has just made it past 100,000 MobyPoints, thanks to his tireless documenting of PC and console games of the '90s and '00s - hurray!

Secondly and thirdly, we've got Rainier S squeaking past 25,000 (I just approved the final items for him!) thanks to his excellent documenting of German PC games, and Jean-Louis cresting 20,000 points on all kinds of games - including a bunch of PC ones as well. Thanks to all three of these valued contributors!
Submitted by Simon Carless (1851) on Dec 15, 20152 comments
Site Updates (Dec 10th)
A quick update on some doings and undoings at MobyGames:
  • The point change for reviews announced last time has been reverted, pending community discussion
  • Company pages now display a list of games by the company
  • Fixes and improvements for the new approver tool
Submitted by Tracy Poff (2062) on Dec 10, 201537 comments
Site Updates (Dec 8th)
Another month, another round of updates! Some of you might have already noticed that you picked up some extra contribution points overnight: in order to make the rewards for writing reviews more in line with the work you put into them, we've increased their value. Now, an average review will earn you 10 points, and a really excellent one will earn 30.

Besides that big, visible change for everybody, there have been some smaller improvements, as well:
  • The private message quota has been increased to 5000
  • A new tool for approvers has been added
  • Text improvements and backend fixes
Comments and suggestions about these changes are welcome, so let us know what you think, and keep up the good work, everybody!
Submitted by Tracy Poff (2062) on Dec 08, 201532 comments
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