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MobyGames News
Well we stopped serving IGN ads today. Mostly because they stopped paying us for ad impressions. Our contract expires 2001-02-28 and we are a little undecided as to whether to renew as a select affiliate. We been scrambling to find alternate sources of revenue to keep MobyGames alive and healthy. We set up our own ad server and have been serving up retail affiliate ads and added a Buy This Game button to the game summary page. Don't worry though Moby is in great financial health. We negotiated an excellent deal with our co-location facility and our bandwidth is pretty cheap.
Submitted by nullnullnull (1491) on Feb 27, 2001
MobyGames News
Wow! Yesterday was MobyGames single most busiest day to date. Lot's of new game entries, screen shots and box covers. Not to mention a bunch of great reviews. Some things to keep in mind though. One line reviews will be rejected. Material taken off other web sites unfortunately cannot be accepted. Please scan in box covers and capture screen shots on your own. Put games descriptions in your own words, the Company Line entry is for official marketing copy. On the whole contributions are excellent. Keep em coming.
Submitted by nullnullnull (1491) on Feb 26, 2001
MobyGames News
Brian is back from his trip. What was going to be a simple weekend in New York with friends turned into a trek across the eastern United States. Stops included St. Louis, Chicago, Washington DC, New York and New Orleans. He's back and banging out code like you wouldn't believe. On a less happy note MobyGames has had a couple of service interruptions in the last few days. We will be installing some new equipment to limit if not prevent this very shortly. We are alive. Keep contributing. Believe me we're more pissed off than you about this.
Submitted by nullnullnull (1491) on Feb 25, 2001
MobyGames News
MobyGames keeps growing, but we need your help. Our traffic has increased nine fold in the last 12 months. Hits, pages views and unique visits keeps increasing every month. We have more registered Moby Users than ever before and contributions are pouring in. We need your help to keep Moby as fresh and interesting as humanly possible. If you want to write a featured article or want to write a featured game or poll please send an email to [email protected]. We will be launching a major new release of MobyGames soon. This means lots of new art work. If anyone has the talent and desire to be responsible for Moby's new look and feel send email or better yet submit images and artwork. Keep in mind anything you send will be the property of MobyGames. Sorry our lawyers made us say that, otherwise we could get in deep kaka later.
Submitted by nullnullnull (1491) on Feb 16, 2001
MobyGames News
In the wake of a lot of game-related websites biting the dust (CNET Gamecenter is cancelled, is nearly dead, etc.), I'd just like to assure everyone that, no matter how active or inactive we fluctuate between, is completely healthy and will not be dying for the forseeable future. Even if it gets to the point where it significantly hurts us financially to run the site, we will take any and all measures necessary to make sure that the website stays up. We value the contributions of the thousands of people who have made MobyGames a better resource for the entire gaming community, and we respect all of your hard work and selflessness in giving your time and knowledge to this project.
Submitted by Trixter (9116) on Feb 12, 2001
MobyGames News
Now this is pretty interesting: In the course of 30 hours, we received no less than four entry submissions for the game Oni! Of course we could only accept one, but we thank all of you for being so willing to help out.
Submitted by Trixter (9116) on Feb 06, 2001
atari saboteur