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Joyvalley hits 60,000
Our top contributor of the year 2009 and aspiring top contributor and approver of 2010, Joyvalley has reached 60,000 MobyPoints. Going through the entire database just to add missing ratings and descriptors was only the tip of the iceberg which gained him his most recent 10,000 points.

Congratulations Joyvalley! Almost halfway at beating Sciere's score.
Submitted by vedder (57223) on Feb 27, 201010 comments
DSi has been added as a platform
The only games that should be listed here are the DSi exclusive games and the DSiWare games.

A tech spec has been added for DSi Enhanced games, these are DS games that can use the cameras but do not depend on the camera for main game play.
Submitted by Corn Popper (68960) on Feb 27, 20101 comments
Cantillon is the 51st member of the 10K points club
A little while ago we reached this remarkable milestone of 10,000 contribution points not being enough to call yourself a Top50 contributor any more. Now we have identified the first "victim" of this:

Belgian contributor Cantillon (the artist formerly known as recently broke the 5 digit barrier and entered the 10K points club as its 51st member, a feat accomplished in slightly over two years of membership and with contributions all over the place.


But his "bad luck" doesn't stop there as he is very much qualified to tell us how it feels to be the eternal second-best contributor of his home country. But cheer up, Lieven, as there's no doubt that you will soon reach the Top 50 list and stay there. And being second-to-Sciere is just like winning a race of mere mortals. =)
Submitted by MZ per X (3018) on Feb 09, 201011 comments
Sicarius tackles 50K contribution points
Our resident great white hope of game journalism, German hardcore gamer and Windows game collector Sicarius, just broke the 50,000 contribution points barrier.

His current main field of contribution seems to be the latest Windows games which he often adds shortly after release with detailed descriptions, a varied set of screen shots, and many other of the possible information. Furthermore, he obviously made close friends with the credits wizard, as he enters the most humongous of credit listings that only few would dare to touch.

Kudos to Christoph, and let's just hope that he continues trading the advantages of eating and sleeping for Moby contribution points. ;o)
Submitted by MZ per X (3018) on Feb 04, 201013 comments
Play, so others can!
February 3rd 2010 marks the release of Chime. The game is currently available on Xbox Live Arcade and can be bought for 400 Microsoft Points ($5). All proceeds go to charity foundations such as Save the Children and Starlight Children's Foundation.

Chime is the first of many games created pro bono by renowned developers and development companies for OneBigGame.

Chime is a music puzzle game that draws influence from Tetris. It features sampled music from famous musicians such as Philip Glass and Moby.

If you have an Xbox 360, check it out or try the demo. Play, so others can!
Submitted by vedder (57223) on Feb 03, 20107 comments
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