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In Review - January '11
Miss anything this past month? Here's a quick re-cap of what went down, both for us here at MobyGames, and the world of gaming itself:

* We've now passed 57,000 games documented in our database. The question is, will we ever reach 100,000? Watch this space ... okay, maybe not this 'exact' space, but you get the idea. (A little trivia: The platform with the most games? Windows.)

* Not too long ago, our resident super hero Jeanne hit the magical 66,666 contribution point mark on the Top Contributor's list. I say magical since it conjured up untold gold coins in her lounge room ... which we promptly stole, of course.

* As previously mentioned, Sony has just detailed its PSP 'sequel', codenamed NGP (that's 'Next Generation Portable', for those of you playing at home.) In fact, it's been a powerhouse month for Sony, having also launched DC Universe and LittleBigPlanet 2 on its home console. Then there's Mass Effect 2 for the PS3 just last week, ahead of its conclusive third title at years end. Anyone else excited about ME3? Sound off in the forums, folks.

* Meanwhile, Nintendo has finalised its 3DS launch worldwide, starting in Japan later this month. If there are any readers from that region willing to, say, lend me one for a while, message me okay?

* You can now include Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee to the list of future HD remakes, the new trend in gaming it seems. You can expect this one out by years end.

* Lastly, for those film buffs out there, Heavy Rain will be getting the Hollywood treatment by writer David Milch, creator of NYPD Blue and Deadwood, some time soon. Hopefully Michael Bay isn't directing (hint, hint).

That's a wrap on January. Clearly there was more than that, but there's only so much you can fit into a news post without it becoming an essay. And to think, we still have 11 months left!
Submitted by Kartanym (12710) on Feb 01, 20115 comments
Sony announces successor to the PlayStation Portable
Its already been posted about in the forums, but i thought it deserves more front page attention.

Codenamed the NGP, it bears an uncanny resemblance to the its big brother, the PSP. But as you would expect, it has beefier features, the most obvious being it's dual analogue thumb sticks, the single stick on the original portable being one of the main bones of contention. More noteworthy however is that it now incorporates touchscreen technology in its 5-inch OLED screen, although how it will be made use of is still unknown, its SixAxis motion sensing, which will be familiar to any PS3 owner as well as a built in camera and microphone. Like the PSP had the UMD, the NGP will have a new flash memory format for it, Sony claiming it will have higher memory allowing for "Richer and better games".

Due to be released during the tail end of 2011, it looks like Sony might be able to take on the Nintendo DS on the grander scale.
Submitted by havoc of smeg (22206) on Feb 01, 201111 comments
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