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Milestones for Kennyannydenny, PC Engine CD!
Just a brief update with a couple of notable milestones. Firstly, many thanks to Kennyannydenny (a member since November 2014, and an approver), who just hit 10,000 MobyPoints just recently, and is one of the few submitters regularly concentrating on more modern games. Congrats, KAD!

Secondly, Terok Nor notes: "With Camp California [official Beach Boys mascot game?!] recently added, we now should have 100% coverage of commercial PC Engine CD/TurboGrafx-CD games." So that's great - another platform completed! (If you spot anything we missed, then there's still time to add it, of course :P)
Submitted by Simon Carless (1851) on Feb 26, 20166 comments
MobyGames-using Twitter bot, API news!
Here's a neat thing, as explained by Noyb on Twitter: "Made a new twitter bot: @FaveGame. Uses a neural network to generate random game names, using the titles in MobyGames as input." Great idea - check out some of the v.offbeat generated names.

Talking of which, we've run into a couple of people recently who are scraping MobyGames for projects like this. Well, your scraping will soon be unnecessary! Work is officially underway on a MobyGames API - for anyone wanting to use our data for non-commercial purposes. We really want to become _the_ easily usable data source for game info, & will be talking about how you can test the system & get an API key soon.
Submitted by Simon Carless (1851) on Feb 21, 201610 comments
New MobyGoal and Site Updates
Now that we've completed the epic 3,500 Amiga games goal, it's time for something new! Today we're kicking off a new MobyGoal of 3,600 Xbox 360 games. As of this posting, we are 222 games away.

We also have the following updates thanks to Tracy!

* Don't require basic genres for compilations
* Multi-platform approval support added (for approvers)
* Updated instructions when adding trivia
* Prevent spurious warnings on editing forum post
* Allow FTP and telnet URLs in submissions
* Admins now have the ability to ban users
Submitted by MobyReed (80) on Feb 18, 201617 comments
MobyQuestion - what was the first game you loved?
Every now and again, we're going to ask a freeform question on the MobyGames front page - because we want to know more about our valued users!

This question's simple: what is the first game you ever remember playing and enjoying? I'll kick it off - for me, Matthew Smith's Manic Miner on ZX Spectrum is the first game I really recall genuinely loving. Attack Of The Mutant Telephones! Wacky Amoebatrons! So good... how about y'all?
Submitted by Simon Carless (1851) on Feb 05, 201639 comments
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