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New Metric: Number of People Credited
A new metric has been added to credit listings so you can get an exact count of how many people were credited on any particular release!

There are some fun and interesting ways to use this. For example, you can see how credits have grown between sequels:

Grand Theft Auto = 86 developers

Grand Theft Auto II = 158 developers

Grand Theft Auto III = 185 developers

Grand Theft Auto IV = 1,337 developers

Grand Theft Auto V = 3,692 developers

Note: In cases where credits include thanks, the numbers are shown separately. This is a useful distinction, especially for games that have backers which can easily exceed the number of developers. e.g., FTL: Faster Than Light has 1,053 credits, 1,046 of which are backers/thanks.
Submitted by MobyReed (80) on Feb 23, 202024 comments
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