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Did you know could turn off the ads on MobyGames?
So Brian and I are not huge fans of online advertising. With this latest release Brian has added the ability for people to turn off advertising on MobyGames. Banner ads, sky scraper ads and market place ads can be turned off. MobyGames is made possible by providing these ads, so we encourage you to leave them on if you can. We feel that people who help the project by contributing information should be rewarded. In order to turn off banner ads, you need to have a contribution rating of 500 points in the last year, and in order to turn off sky scraper ads, you need 1000 points in the last year. Anyone can turn off marketplace ads. Just edit your Account Preferences and disable ads. We are still experimenting so we may raise, lower or even entirely remove the thresholds at which you could disable ads. Ideally we would turn them off altogether, but of course we gotta pay the bills somehow. You could also make a donation and get a bright and shiny bronze star ( ) next to your name to show everyone you help support MobyGames.
Submitted by nullnullnull (1491) on Mar 27, 2005
MobyGames News
So I was not one of the people who pre-order a PSP. I don't know why. I knew I wanted one. I drooled over the PSP at E3. I played it at GDC. I followed the Japanese launch. I checked the prices of an import Japanese unit on Ebay almost daily and I even half considered buying it from Lik-Sang before the North American launch. So when the PSP launched today I was kicking myself for not having plopped down a stinking $50 bucks to reserve one.

I ended up spending a good portion of the day hiking all over Manhattan. The first two places we stopped in were completely sold out. I called J and R and they told me they were only accepting telephone and internet orders. I could not pick it up in person. This surprised me a little since J and R never seems to sell out. Unbelievably Circuit City in Union Square still had units in stock. Even more unbelievably they were carrying the least expensive bundle I've come across. I was only required to buy one additional game.

After some initial hands on time I have to say the Sony PSP is amazing. I love my little GBA SP, but it has some annoyances. My hands cramp up after long play sessions and that I cannot use standard headphones is lame. The fact that the original GBA did not include a backlight is just plain criminal. Now that I've played the PSP I personally feel the big N has something to seriously worry about.

A short list of things that are really cool about the PSP:

Analog control
Standard headphones
Audio and Video playback
Removable storage
The Display
The Display
The Display

There is a bunch of great coverage out there so I won't repeat what's already been written. All I can say is I haven't been this excited about a gaming system release in a long time and as far as I concerned this is one of the few times that the experience lives up to the hype.
Submitted by nullnullnull (1491) on Mar 24, 2005
MobyGames News
So I am a Firefox convert. Brian loves it and I got around to downloading it and trying it out a couple of weeks ago. I have to say it is pretty awesome. Up in the top right corner of Firefox I noticed there is a handy search box that puts a bunch of search engines at your fingertips. We decided to add a MobyGames Search Box for Firefox. Be able to search the MobyGames database anywhere, right at you finger tips.
Submitted by nullnullnull (1491) on Mar 16, 2005
MobyGames News
Well, did it again... added a couple more platforms... Neo Geo Pocket and Color.

Also, you might want to check out the trailer for Cold Fear coming from UbiSoft. Looks to be another buy for you survival-horror fans.
Submitted by Corn Popper (68960) on Mar 15, 2005
MobyGames News
Whew. We just got back from the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The conf was great for the most part and we met a whole bunch of cool people and hooked up with some old friends. I guess the conference is moving back to San Jose next year which is fine with me. The space the organizers used for the round tables was pretty bad. This next year MobyGames is going to work with the IGDA on creating a Credits Standard and helping out with Game Preservation Special Interest Group. By the way you should check out the new book Beginning Game Level Design by John Feil, friend of MobyGames and Chairman of the Credits Standard Committee.
Submitted by nullnullnull (1491) on Mar 14, 2005
MobyGames News
MobyGames hits 20,000 games!!! MobyGames started February 1999. Four years later in May 2003 MobyGames hit the 10K mark. Less than two years later with the help of thousands of people MobyGames adds another 10K. Wow! We still have a long way to go, but 20,000 is certainly impressive. Our goal is simple; to document every single game for every single platform ever made since the dawn of time. This would not be possible without the help and support of the contributor of MobyGames. We owe you all a big huge thank you.
Submitted by nullnullnull (1491) on Mar 07, 2005
MobyGames News
So Neo Geo is online now. I am not entirely sure the tech attributes are correct. So if you find something missing please let me know through email and I'll fix it. Thanks for your continued support of the site.
Submitted by Corn Popper (68960) on Mar 03, 2005
MobyGames News
I added another platform... Game.Com. In researching this a bit I found that it has a quiet a few features back in 1997 that the DS now has. Some things like the touch screen, dual cart slots and PDA functions. It even had the capability to connect to the internet.
Submitted by Corn Popper (68960) on Mar 02, 2005
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