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Игги Друге turns 30,000
Behind the Cyrillic nickname and the dryness (=P) usually seen in our forums lies a golden contributor. Iggy Drougge just became the 11th MobyGames' contributor to score 30,000 points. But the 30,000 points aren't enough to weight all the valuable work he's been doing also as an approver here at MG. We're all glad he didn't find the peace he thought he would. Congratulations, Iggy!
Submitted by chirinea (46992) on Mar 27, 200812 comments
9997... 9998... 9999... !!!
At this very moment, our veteran MobyGames contributor Kartanym has exactly 9999 points. One more point will allow him to join the ever-growing list of legendary five-digit contributors. Will Kartanym be able to score this one point, or will destiny (also known as Corn Popper) interfere and perhaps WIP some of his earlier submissions, leading to point loss?.. Stay tuned for the continuation of the captivating drama about the human being and his titanic achievement!
Submitted by Unicorn Lynx (181446) on Mar 20, 200815 comments
Jeanne and her 40,000 points
Jeanne pioneered many things here at MG. She was the first woman to become an approver back in 2001, when MG was just 2 years old, and she's the second most active approver (right behind Sciere), taking care of almost 1/5 of all our approval work. She was also the first woman to be at the Top 50 list of contributors. Now, Jeanne is the 7th person in MG history to break the 40,000 barrier, and also the first woman to do so.

Congratulations Jeanne, and please, keep up the awesome work!
Submitted by chirinea (46992) on Mar 11, 200828 comments
Gary Gygax has passed away
Gary Gygax, one of the legends of role-playing games and the co-creator of the world of Dungeons & Dragons, has passed away on 4th March 2008 at his home in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

More details:
Submitted by MichaelPalin (1418) on Mar 08, 20082 comments
Pseudo_Intellectual breaks the 20,000 barrier!
Always ready with witty remarks in our forums and contributions that usually push MobyGames' boundaries a bit further, he's one of our most well known regulars. Our beloved approver and contributor Pseudo_Intellectual just became the 14th person in MobyGames' history to reach the 20,000 points mark!

Congrats Pseudo, and keep up the excellent work!
Submitted by chirinea (46992) on Mar 02, 200815 comments
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