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Arcade Games on Wii
For people that never got to play classic arcade games or just don't want to waste their change, arcade games are now available to play on Wii Virtual Console. Four games are now available; these include Gaplus, Mappy, The Tower of Druaga, and STARFORCE. More information is available on Nintendo of Europe's website.
Submitted by gamewarrior (5042) on Mar 30, 20093 comments
National Center for History of Electronic Games Opens in Roch., NY
Strong National Museum of Play, the only museum anywhere devoted solely to the study and interpretation of play, is pleased to announce the establishment of the National Center for the History of Electronic Games (NCHEG), dedicated to collecting, preserving, and interpreting electronic games and game forms for future generations. The National Center for the History of Electronic Games houses one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of electronic game platforms and games in the United States (nearly 15,000 items). For more information visit
Submitted by susan trien (1) on Mar 30, 20095 comments
30,000 gold for LepricahnsGold!
One has to check the Top Contributors everyday to keep up with this website's milestones nowadays. It wasn't that long ago when I announced LepricahnsGold's 20,000 points, and now he breaks the 30,000 points barrier (something that seems farther away for me each day =)). As he mentioned before, most of his points come from screenshots, but his new game submissions are always top notch, and now he's also helping with the ever-growing pile of casual games left to be added to MobyGames.

Congratulations, old pal, keep the gold coming!

Submitted by chirinea (46992) on Mar 26, 200919 comments
Games pioneer Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr. dies (aged 99)
Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr., has died at the age of 99, his son Judson says. He helped create the cathode ray tube used in household televisions starting in the 1930s together with scientist Allen B. DuMont. Their cathode ray technology was on display at the 1939 World's Fair in New York and was used in radar displays during WWII and for picture-tube displays afterwards.

In 1948 he patented what may be the world's first video game. U.S. Patent 2,455,992, granted to Goldsmith and Estle Ray Mann, describes what may be the world's first video game, a "Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device", in essence a game involving aiming missiles at a target. It was inspired by the radar displays used in World War II.
Submitted by PolloDiablo (16872) on Mar 17, 20098 comments
Guy sues U.S. Airways for $1M over lost Xbox 360.
A Yale student by the name of Jesse Maiman has sued U.S. Airways in Hamilton County court when he claimed his Xbox 360, with a "specialized hard drive", was stolen from baggage claim when he was traveling from Connecticut to Ohio. He is suing for $1,700 for damages in the loss over the console and the maximum allowed for damages which happens to be $1 million dollars.

Read more of it here
Submitted by Big John WV (27209) on Mar 14, 20097 comments
Wizo hits 30,000
Better late than never. Our German approver and ranking frea... I mean, contributor Wizo recently went over 30,000 points. When he did so, he mentioned it meaning less for him than he would expect (well, his exact words were "I've wasted way too much time with all this crap and when I get hit by an Eastern European truck with a nearly non-existing braking system tomorrow, the achievement that I entered more MobyRanks than anyone else or that I achieved 30000 points here, doesn't mean anything"). I know those words sound bitter, but Wizo should know that his work here at MobyGames sure means a lot to us. As many of you may know, MobyRanks were a somewhat recent addition to the site (well, they're 2 years old now), and the weight of Wizo's contributions to that part of the site granted the same as more than 6,100 games with a MobyRank (that is, the weighted average of 5 ranking per game). With a database currently comprised of almost 45,000 games, that means 13% of the entire database.

We know you're tired Wizo, 'cause everyone who's done as much work as you (not only contributing, but also approving) should be. But please, keep up the excellent work. We at MobyGames thank you.
Submitted by chirinea (46992) on Mar 14, 200917 comments
Xoleras reaches as 4th Moby user ever the magical 60.000 barrier
Congratulations and a big thanks for all the work and help Oliver does. As fourth Moby user ever he beats the fantastic 60.000 contributor points barrier, keep on the great work!
Submitted by formercontrib (158050) on Mar 11, 200931 comments
Man takes a hostage using a Sega Master System pistol
Yes, you're reading that. Two weeks ago, a 42-year-old Brazilian broke into a house in to reclaim a loan of R$ 42,00 (circa US$ 17,00) and took a 60-year-old women as a hostage using a Light Phaser, the light gun used with the Sega Master System. The police didn't notice it was a toy gun, but the man was also armed with two knifes, though, proving that he wasn't completely inoffensive.

Here's a picture of him holding the gun:
Submitted by chirinea (46992) on Mar 04, 200913 comments
Macs Black hits 30,000
Even though it seemed all the way long that Evil Ryu would be the first Brazilian to achieve the 30,000 points mark, it was Macs Black who did it, becoming the 14th person in MobyGames history to achieve such milestone! Macs is the highest ranked Brazilian in MobyGames and that's a deserved position: his amazing work covering casual games keeps the approvers busy all the time!

Congratulations, compatriot, and keep up the excellent work!
Submitted by chirinea (46992) on Mar 02, 200914 comments
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