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FM Towns is in the town!
Step by step MobyGames is proving to the whole gaming world that it is not a "US-centric" database some people claimed it to be. The addition of classic Japan-only computer PC-88 and PC-98 a year ago was one of these important steps. We already have almost 1000 PC-98 games documented, still counting.

And now, FM Towns makes its triumphal entry - a Japan-only computer launched by Fujitsu between 1989 and 1997. By far a more modest system than PC-98 in terms of game wealth (though not in technical prowess - this CD-ROM-based system was capable of advanced graphics and sound), with only a few exclusive games, FM Towns has nevertheless a greater appeal to the international gamer, mainly thanks to its unique enhanced versions of famous games - from the only known 256-color version of LucasArts' early classic Zak McKracken to the fully voiced (in English and in Japanese!) interpretation of the seminal RPG Ultima VI.

FM Towns Marty, an interesting (though rather obscure) console system based on (and compatible with) its computer progenitor, has also been added.

Welcome to MobyGames, happy contributing and approving!
Submitted by Unicorn Lynx (181446) on Mar 09, 201145 comments
New arrival
Site co-founder, Brian Hirt and his wife recently welcomed a new member to their family... a baby girl.
Submitted by Corn Popper (68960) on Mar 01, 201123 comments
In Review - February '11
Time for a recap of the past month's major events, starting with the most obvious one:

* The Nintendo 3DS has launched to sell out numbers in Japan, which means it's now less than a month before it reaches the rest of the world. I've had some hands on time with it recently and can proudly report, it should be a success. Keep an eye out for the 3DS platform addition to our database real soon.

* Speaking of the very website I love and bow down to every morning (grovel, grovel), so far only one user has surpassed 3000 points for the current year, that being loveable rouge me3D31337. But who can catch Sciere? A question for the ages, folks.

* Mortal Kombat, the beat 'em up that keeps on ripping spleens, has been banned in Australia. The upcoming reboot was deemed too violent for the poorly conceived ratings system that doesn't include an R18+ category. Being an Aussie, it's a tough pill to swallow, but we're fighting for the ratings system to get a major overhaul.

* Sometimes it's hard keeping a secret. EA let slip the new Command & Conquer early by unleashing its website, then promptly taking it down when it realised it was too soon ... before uploading it again to appease fans (more than likely). Rockstar and THQ licensed a number of new website addresses, which has everyone thinking 'Grand Theft Auto V'. And finally, Bioware updated the recently release Mass Effect 2 on PS3, unwittingly including new trophy details for a DLC pack that hasn't been announced as yet.

* February marked the 25th anniversary of everyone's favourite young, green costumed, sword and shield wielding alter ego of Frodo Baggins. Yup, The Legend of Zelda turned 25, and what a good year it will be for the franchise, with two key titles to be launched this year on both Wii and 3DS, and no doubt more to come.

Did I miss anything? Shout out in the comments section and let us know your most interesting tidbit of the month. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a 3DS shrine to design. What do you think, red wallpaper? Or blue?
Submitted by Kartanym (12710) on Mar 01, 20111 comments
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